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Beauty Formula

  • “Dear Alice, Rosie, I have just finished my 1 month supply of Beauty Formula and I can't tell you how blown away I am by the improvements I have experienced, not just in my skin but in my overall wellbeing. In the past I have seen doctors for monthly cycle related problems, had blood tests, and even an MRI but my results always came back as "normal".  I have always suffered with time-of-the-month breakouts which was the main driving force for giving your product a try, but for the first time in my life I feel as though I'm in balance. In addition to clear skin, (woohoo!) I have noticed I feel brighter mentally too; I feel vibrant, full of energy, and so clear in my mind!  I am over the moon, thank you!”


  • "I am getting in touch to say a huge 'thank you'. This is my 23rd day taking Beauty Formula and I can happily report that my skin is better than it has been in years. 2 years of appalling breakouts had left my face scared, pockmarked, full of ugly spots and my confidence levels at an all-time low. As I write, I have no spots (NO SPOTS!) on my face and some of the lighter scars have faded completely. Even the deeper, darker scars seem less angry to me. To top it all, my energy levels have been super-charged. I have never slept well and would usually have 1 or 2 slumps every day. Now I can power through till bedtime."


  • "After my first baby I struggled with some bad skin around 3-8 months postnatal but nothing I couldn't handle, the odd spot, but they cleared up. After my second baby, at 37 yrs old, I've had terrible spots constantly for the past 5 months, a year postnatal combined with lack of sleep and commuting to work in London my skin was so unhappy! I thought wrinkles would be my only concern at this age, not breakouts! And well, the two combined is hideous! I realised very quickly that it was coming from within and that there was an imbalance.  Despite eating 'clean' and drinking lots of water AND spending a fortune on vitamins, (the usual B12, A and D) nothing was working until I tried this. I've been taking it for 4 weeks now and no joke, I can't quite believe the difference, I've gone from spending ages in the morning with foundation and a concealer stick to wearing tinted moisturiser! I would seriously recommend investing in this, it's helped me so much! :))" 


  • "Hi there, I’m one of your happy costumers! I’ve been taking the Beauty formula just over two months and my mind is blown how much it helped my time-of-the-month fluctuations and overall health." 

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