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Original Formula (Capsules)

  • “It really does work. My twins are on 6 weeks holiday (plus 3 chronic illnesses) and I'm constantly on the go. I am also a special needs mum with a child on the spectrum. My adrenals are shot, I am so exhausted that I fall asleep standing up and I rarely get a good nights sleep. I started taking Equi and almost immediately my energy levels rose, I no longer felt so drained, I got out of bed. I don’t normally write reviews but had to in case I might help some mum out there who feels like tearing their hair out. It really is great.”

    DEMI, MUM OF 3

  • "I started taking Equi about four months ago and it has transformed the way I feel! I lead a pretty busy life – juggling a job in PR which requires regular travel, a personal training business, my own intense workouts and a healthy social calendar which meant I was really lacking the energy I needed on a daily basis. Taking Equi gives me that extra boost which you don’t necessarily get just from eating well and it keeps me going all day. My concentration has improved, my skin looks great and I feel like my time-of-the-month symptoms have balanced out. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! Alice and Rosie have created a fabulous product, ideal for those who lead a hectic lifestyle but want to feel as good as they possibly can.”


  • "Very quickly after my boyfriend and I started taking Equi we both experienced increased alertness, more energy and an overall sense of wanting to get up and get the day started sort of energy. I have felt my concentration has increased immensely. We are currently training to run a half marathon at the end of Oct and we have felt Equi has helped us reset and to add goodness to our body that long term help us to stay away from lots of naughty temptation during the day. Stamina and performance when training has increased too. I, WE absolutely love it, wasn’t sure what to expect when I first ordered it but I can honestly say it has more than exceeded our expectations and I am telling all my friends to try it, as it really helps you to feel and drive you towards the very best version of yourself."


  • "I started taking Equi Original Formula about 4 months ago to replace the number of supplements I was taking in the morning and to have everything I need (and more) in one easy scoop. Equi has not only tidied up my bathroom cabinet from all those different pill bottles but made me feel fantastic! I have a lot more energy than I did before (particularly after those 5.30am alarms), my movements are more regular which means a flatter tummy (winning) and my skin (my problem area from cycle fluctuations) is miles better than it was. Thank you to Rosie & Alice for introducing me to their fabulous product - no morning is now the same without it."


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