The Antidote to Modern Living

A new generation of nutritional supplements

Potent all-in-one products deliver convenient, effective solutions that work deep at your core, revolutionising supplementation
Unique formulations combining the world’s most powerful ingredients, fusing pioneering science with ancient practices to achieve results
Proven results in a 1 month trial conducted on 30 people taking Beautiful: 80% reported better energy within 3 weeks, 85% had brighter, clearer skin in 3 weeks
Gluten free, no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours. Fundamental is suitable for vegans, with 100% dairy free probiotics
Though we source our high quality ingredients from all four corners of the world, they are blended and packaged in the UK along with all our ideas
“Not only is my skin brighter and clearer than it's ever been, my digestion is more balanced and I have so much energy, I no longer need that cup of coffee in the morning”
Gemma, 29, Lawyer
"People keep telling me my skin is glowing and all the tiny bumps on my cheeks and chin have disappeared…. along with my bloating! I feel lighter and brighter, thanks so much!”
Laura, 33, City Professional
“The dark circles and fine lines around my eyes have near enough vanished and I haven't felt as energetic for years, I even feel stronger at the gym"
Nita, 32, Marketing
“My energy and concentration has been boosted enormously since taking Fundamental”
Nick, 34, Financial Services