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A modern approach to beauty, nutrition and wellness.

The wellness market is full of confusing and misleading information, and we know that wading through this can make it harder to stay on track and feel the benefits.

Equi is here to help. Armed with decades of experience in the science of supplements and on a mission to help as many people as we can, we created a range of convenient, effective and trustworthy formulations designed to support women at all stages in life.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Equi

Science Backed

Science Backed

Based on the latest nutritional science
Premium Ingredients

Premium Ingredients

We handpick the best suppliers from around the world
Bio Available


Most absorbable forms of vitamins & minerals
Chemical Free

Chemical Free

No chemicals, fillers, binders and organic where possible/needed


Experts love our products
Save Time & Money

Saves Time & Money

Easy all-in-one products to support the whole body

Sustainable Packaging

We only use recyclable packaging


Plant based options available

Our Story


Our Expertise

Heading up our nutrition team is founder Alice, a fully registered Nutritional Therapist in London.

As well and working at Equi, she practises at her renowned London-based clinic, attracting clients from all over, as well as celebrities and top execs. With 10 years of experience and two biomedical science degrees, she is devoted to helping as many people as she can to feel their best.

“I absolutely love being able to help women feel and look their best by means of good nutrition. Though I believe nothing replaces a healthy diet, I regularly see the benefits of high quality nutritional supplements on my clients and I created Equi as an ideal solution for women of all ages looking for the absolute best nutritional support”.

Alice Mackintosh
BSc (hons), BSc (hons), mBANT, CNHC.
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