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We understand the power of your body in balance.

Your body has 10 interconnected systems, its pillars of health. When they are nourished and functioning optimally you are strong and energised, physically and mentally. Put simply, you look and feel at your very best.

This is why all EQUI products work to support women’s bodies on a deep level that encourages complete internal balance. Yes, they address specific needs, but they do so by taking a holistic, whole body, approach. This philosophy underpins every formulation we create because we are passionate that it is the most effective approach to supplementation.

By precisely calibrating the ingredients we blend into each of our products, each of the body’s 10 systems are comprehensively nourished. Every ingredient we incorporate is selected for its benefits to the female body and heavily researched within the scientific database for its benefits and safety for women.

As your ‘second brain’ the gut communicates directly with the nervous system and is notably responsible for the production of serotonin in the body, key to stable moods and feeling energised. Even a perfect diet cannot nourish the body fully if food is not broken down and absorbed. Sluggish digestion is also connected to everything from bloating to acne, hormonal imbalances to weight gain.

Efficient detoxification and excretion helps protect our cells from potentially harmful compounds found in our environment, to help support overall wellbeing. Specifically supporting your liver and kidneys with key supplementary nutrients is essential to keep these vital processes balanced in the body.

Balanced hormones help harmonise the entire body, supporting energy levels, metabolism, mood, sleep and a regular monthly cycle. These hormonal systems respond particularly well to suitable and sustained nutritional support. The physiological reaction to stress is also governed by hormones, so the more we can counteract the intrinsic stress of our modern lifestyles the better our energy levels, sleep, immunity, hormone levels, digestion and brain function are likely to be.

Our largest organ, the skin is our barrier to the outside world and a barometer to our inside world. Interacting closely with the gut, hormones, immunity and our mental health, women’s skin requires an array of critical nutrients to keep it resilient, youthful and clear.

Creating new life is a complex process, and only the highest quality nutrients will suffice to keep this vital system in harmony. Also essential for healthy libido, hormone balance and a strong life force.

When the body is healthy, it feels energised; conversely, a lack of energy can be one of the first signs that the body could be lacking a key nutrient or that our metabolic processes are compromised. Full-spectrum nutritional support is the best way to achieve and maintain optimal energy levels.

Strength, stamina and agility all come from a healthy structural framework. The health of our bones, cartilage, collagen and blood vessels is best supported by a nuanced synergy of nutrients.

Our immune systems have never been so vital. Protecting our bodies from viruses, bacteria, inflammation, environmental toxins and intolerances, our immune systems can be actively balanced by a range of strengthening, supportive nutrients.

Efficiently delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body keeps every system working optimally. Protecting our heart, lungs, circulation and muscular systems requires targeted nutrients, safe-guarding our health now and for the future.

The most complex computer in existence, the brain and nervous system is responsible for concentration, sleep, memory, mood, libido and energy; supporting it with specific nutrients helps to ensure the equilibrium and smooth running of this central system.

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