We’re Alice and Rosie, registered nutritionist and investment banker turned busy working-Mum.

Since first meeting at university and quickly becoming BFFs, during our time at uni and throughout our busy London lives, we’re not ones to miss out on the fun!

Whilst working hard (and sometimes playing harder) we’ve always kept a firm eye on our health and nutrition, whilst also trying and testing countless products and supplements in our passion to help busy women feel and look their best. 

Equi Was Born!

Rosie, during a particularly intense year in her city job, turned to Alice after suffering a bout of troublesome acne. Alongside a few tweaks to her already pretty healthy diet, Alice devised an intricate and effective supplement regime made up of scientific blends only available from specialist websites, and Rosie found that she begun to feel the best she had felt – in years (as well as getting perfect skin).

It was clear that there was a lack of high quality, easy-to-take and effective supplements based on the latest evidence that were readily available. With Alice’s expertise in the science of nutrition, and Rosie’s direct experience of the needs of the fast-paced, modern lifestyle, Equi was born! 

Equi is a pioneering approach to supplementation that gives results. We don’t believe in unrealistic health fads or misleading information; we believe in top-quality, comprehensive products that allow busy people to keep up with the pace of modern life without suffering the side effects.

Our Credentials

Alice Mackintosh


One of London's leading nutritional therapists, a bestselling author and self-proclaimed science geek! Alice studied for 7 years to obtain two degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Nutritional Therapy. As well as working on Equi, she still runs her own busy clinic in Chelsea, London. 

Rosie Speight

Through her years working as a trader, and in sales at leading investment banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Rosie fully understands the demands a fast-paced lifestyle can impose. Now an entrepreneur and busy working-mum, she is passionate about sharing her personal knowledge on how to feel your best, even when up against it.