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The power of body in balance

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Equi’s Formula’s are our best-selling, flagship products. 

Balancing, targeted and highly nourishing, they offer multiple benefits throughout your entire body whilst addressing a specific area to give real, noticeable results. 

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, use the table below or go through our quiz which will guide you to the right product. 

Replace your shelf of supplements with one, easy product that does it all!

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Want even more results? Combine it with our Editions & Save  

Whilst the Formulas have been designed to be a full supplement plan in one, we know you might want an extra boost. Our Bundles have been perfectly created with this in mind, to add onto your Formula to amplify your results whilst saving you money. They can also be taken on their own as effective standalone products, or combined with any any Formula of your choice! 

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Just want help with your skin, and would like to know which product is best for you?

We are a little bit obsessed with skin and so we have a few products that address the skin in different ways.  If you really want to get that X-factor glow, address a skin concern or just want to get your glow back, use the table below to find the right product(s) for you.  

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