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Created for Real Women

Award Winning Medical Facialist

Renee Lapino

“These little bottles are game changers. I've travelled to the US with mine and won’t go a day without them! I'm absolutely thrilled to now be stocking them in the Renee Lapino Clinic"

Advanced Medical Facialist

Mariam Abbas

"My absolute go-to for my daily Omega supplement! Equi’s Beauty Oil Edition is one of the best Omega supplements I’ve come across, the addition of astaxanthin and high percentage of Omega 3 make it a great formulation. Both ingredients work in synergy to improve skin health. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that play a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s lipid barrier, which is in turn, essential for retaining moisture in the skin and protecting against external aggressors. Astaxanthin helps to prevent premature ageing because of its antioxidant properties.

As a skin specialist, making sure I have an adequate supply of good fats to keep my cell function healthy and my skin well hydrated, bright and supple is one of my top priorities. I also give my teenagers Equi’s Beauty Oil Edition supplement to keep dry eczema patches from developing. A great supplement to nourish the skin from within!”

Jenny Outhwaite

"My skin could be so bad at times it would be debilitating and I would not want leave the house. I had tried everything suggested by the beauty professionals, skin care routines, changing the type of makeup I wear, cutting out alcohol, dairy, sugar etc and nothing had any impact.  Then I came across this product and thought I would give it a go. I started taking Beauty formula at the start of May 2022 and by the end of the month I could see a real difference in my skin. By September my skin was completely clear and even the acne scars had faded.  I now feel so much more confident without having to hide my skin behind layers of makeup. Moreover, my energy levels are better than ever and this summer I qualified to represent my age group as part of Team GB at the European standard distance triathlon championships in Madrid next year!I will certainly be continuing to use the Beauty formula and was really pleased to see it is also available in capsule form which makes it easier to take. Thank you Equi for saving my skin!"

Mum of 3, European Standard DIstance Triathlon Championships Team GB Member & 1st Female in the Lake District Ultra Marathon 2022.

Nutritional Therapist & Founder of Squirrel Health Restaurant

Zoe Stirling

“Equi’s Pregnancy Formula was my go to multi vitamin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I felt confident that the well balanced formula was the best choice to support me and my babies through both of my pregnancies. The result has been two, healthy beautiful girls and a happy, energised mama. Thank you Equi London!”

Chiropractor & Founder of PostPartumPlan 

Murray Jones

I have been taking Equi Pregnancy supplements since before getting pregnant, throughout my pregnancy and now postpartum. I notice a difference in my energy and health when I take them and especially postpartum they have been such a support as I recover. I recommend Equi to all my clients and friends.


"I struggled with hormonal acne for over two years now and so I was prescribed some drugs which had side effects like heavy and irregular periods. I saw an IG Ad about Equi and was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if it would work for me but, I bought the Equi beauty formula and It’s been an amazing experience! After the first month, I feel stronger, healthier and I haven’t had any hormonal acne. I’m so glad I’ve found a healthy solution!" ⁠


"Equi is the supplement I didn't realise I needed and now can't live without. My skin (and energy and digestion) is without a doubt the best it's ever been."


"I would 100% recommend Equi as it really does work! I started using Beauty Formula just before I got married as I wanted my skin and hair to look its best but I really noticed the difference after I stopped taking when my skin was much dryer and getting some breakouts - which completely stopped when I started using it again."

Jen Walpole

"I am Nutritional Therapist & women’s health and fertility specialist and I absolutely love the Pregnancy Formula by Equi, whether my clients are looking to support fertility and pregnancy and right thru to motherhood - it’s always a product I recommend in my clinic. The levels of vitamins and minerals they have in there are just fantastic - it really is the most comprehensive prenatal on the market"


“I love Equi because their products are of such high quality. I am recommending them to my clients all the time for fertility, pregnancy and beyond. The ingredients in the Pregnancy Formula are so amazing, they are perfect for everyone and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Tor West

"I'm the Wellness Editor at Sheerluxe magazine and I came across Equi at a time when I was looking for support with various concerns, hormone and skin health to name a couple, and haven’t looked back. Knowing everything I need is in one dose is a huge bonus, and it has streamlined my supplement routine, too. It also tastes delicious and has fast become my morning go-to."


"The texture and tone of my skin has improved significantly in 30 days of taking Beauty Formula, it just looks more radiant. It tastes great and I’ve been able to replace a load of supplements with this one. It’s really working for me and I’m so happy."


"I’ve been taking Equi for 5 years, I put it in my smoothie every morning and it makes me feel great. I can go to the gym in the morning and get to work feeling really good and really energised all day long. I don’t get that 3pm slump that I used to - for anyone thinking about supplements I would really recommend Equi."


"I'm a Personal Trainer and Mum of 4. My diet is generally really healthy but I wanted to make sure I was getting all the right nutrients in and Equi gives me all of this in 1 - I think it's brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. And their customer service is also so good and you can tell they really care. I'm so glad I found Equi and tell all my clients about them...and many of them now are subscribers too!"


"I started taking these a few months ago and can really feel the goodness! My energy levels are way better and these have been a great investment to my health and well-being. Thank you!"


"Beauty Formula is my absolute go to. My skin is the best it's ever been since taking it, no more hormonal breakouts and I can get away without any foundation now. I'm also more energised and my hormones feel much more balanced. I'm just a better version of me!"


"Equi really helped during this time!"⁠

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