"I am so happy I found Equi! I am a busy working mum with three young children and I also have a chronic illness which leaves me with very little energy. I have taken various supplements over the years (and spent a huge amount of money on them!) and felt some benefits but nothing hugely noticeable.  However, within ten days of taking Equi I felt a big improvement in my energy levels and general well being. I was taking some of the ingredients found in Equi before but never felt the results I have with this product so I feel I am now actually saving money by condensing everything down to just the Equi monthly subscription.  I have recommended this product to several friends and family members and they are all also very impressed! Thank you!"

Rosie H, London, Working Mum 


"I love your Pregnancy Formula product. After suffering from a missed miscarriage and desperately trying to get my body back to normal afterwards as my periods became very irregular, I found your Pregnancy Formula following a post from Fertility Nutritionist. I started taking it and with some medical assistance to force me to ovulate and became pregnant two months later, a year and a half after my miscarriage. I’m now in my third trimester after having an enjoyable two trimesters which I’m sure some is attributable to your Pregnancy Formula. Also after a missed miscarriage in the first 12 weeks I felt very worried but I had some re-assurance knowing I was giving this baby the best nutrients I could. I’ve only stopped my subscription as some days I’ve been forgetful or when I’ve been away I’ve missed taking them and now have enough to last me till the end of my pregnancy but if I run out I can just order a one off. I will definitely be using your other products for afterwards to help with getting back into shape or just feeling better in general." 

Louise, London  


"I absolutely adore Equi beauty, I have been taking it for about a year now and it has literally replaced a whole shelf of separate supplements! I have noticed it noticeably improve my energy levels and my skin is glowing.  I also have significantly reduced pms which feels like a miracle.  Thank you Equi!"

Katie ORourke 


"I have been using the Beauty Formula since I had a spots when the weather started getting colder and my skin has never looked better! My skin is now clear, less congested and I now have that dewy glow!!! I am particularly lazy when it comes to a routine but I found I could commit to 10 days, it is super easy to take with water, which also means I drink more! I will be 100% using this product again in the run-up to an event or during breakouts." 

Sophie, London, Marketing 


I started to take Equi London Pregnancy formula and fish oil about half way through my pregnancy. For the first stages of pregnancy I had terrible issues with my skin and it cleared up within the first two weeks of taking Equi. I also felt stronger in myself and felt very reassured I was taking the right supplements for my babies. I will continue to take the formula for at least the first few months after they have arrived to keep myself boosted with the right supplements and if I am lucky enough to help the babies receive them through breastfeeding. 

Becky, pregnant with twins, Edinburgh Helena, News anchor, Berlin 


A friend recommended Equi to me after a months-long struggle with sluggish gut health which had left me feeling really unwell. Equi was the answer - after just a couple of mornings starting my day with it I felt more regular and balanced. My energy and appetite returned and I also noticed that this helped with nervousness and tension. I can thoroughly recommend this product.

 Helena, News anchor, Berlin 


I truly believe in the Equi products, they make you feel full of life and energised. I also recommend them to a friend who has health issues and she is a new woman, she now orders both Equi products! 

Petula, London

I am getting in touch to say a huge 'thank you'. This is my 23rd day taking Beauty Formula and I can happily report that my skin is better than it has been in years. 2 years of appalling spots had left my scarred, pockmarked, full of ugly spots and my confidence levels at an all-time low. As I write, I have no spots (NO SPOTS!) on my face and some of the lighter scars have faded. Even the deeper, darker areas seem less angry to me. To top it all, my energy levels have been super-charged. I have never slept well and would usually have 1 or 2 slumps every day. Now I can power through till bedtime.

Jude - Busy working Mum, London 


After my first baby I struggled with some bad skin around 3-8 months post natal but nothing I couldn't handle, the odd spot, but they cleared up. After my second baby, at 37 yrs old, I've had terrible blemishes constantly for the past 5 months, a year post natal combined with lack of sleep and commuting to work in London my skin was so unhappy! I thought wrinkles would be my only concern at this age, not spots! And well, the two combined is hideous! I realised very quickly that it was coming from within.  Despite eating 'clean' and drinking lots of water AND spending a fortune on vitamins, (the usual B12, A and D) nothing was working until I tried this. I've been taking it for 4 weeks now and no joke, I can't quite believe the difference, I've gone from spending ages in the morning with foundation and a concealer stick to wearing tinted moisturiser! I would seriously recommend investing in this, it's helped me so much! :)) 

Hannah, Working Mum, London


Big thank you to Equi London for creating a little miracle in a bottle - their Pregnancy Formula is so well thought out, it literally includes everything you need. I have no doubt it’s contributed massively to the way I’ve felt these past 6 months ✨ 

Becky, Busy Mum in her third trimester, Lancashire


“It really does work. My twins are on 6 weeks holiday (and have been unwell) and I'm constantly on the go. I am also a special needs mum with a child on the spectrum. I feel I have no fuel in the tank, I am so exhausted that I fall asleep standing up and I rarely get a good nights sleep. I started taking Equi and almost immediately my energy levels rose, I no longer felt so drained, I got out of bed. I don’t normally write reviews but had to in case I might help some mum out there who feels like tearing their hair out. It really is that good.”

Demi, Mum of 3


"Hi there, I’m one of your happy costumers! I’ve been taking the Beauty formula just over two months and my mind is blown how much it helped my monthly cycle fluctuations and overall health. My sister is having similar problems to mine and suffers very badly. She is trying to become pregnant so I want her to try one of your formulas -  I’m writing to you to ask you which formula of yours do you think she should be taking?"

Kat, London 


I’ve been taking Equi Pregnancy since before conception and it has been great. It really helped me in the early months where I suffered with nausea and low energy, and there was a noticeable improvement in how I felt comparison to the previous supplements I took in my first pregnancy (Equi really was so much better!). I noticed really positive impacts on gut health and also on my skin - which is great in later months of pregnancy when you don’t feel you look your best! I also plan to take it after I have the baby as I breastfeed and feel assured that me and my baby will be getting everything we need - I really I love it and would recommend Pregnancy Formula for busy pregnant ladies. Thank you!

Janey, London, working Mum in her third trimester


"Dear Alice, Rosie, I have just finished my 1 month supply of Beauty Formula and I can't tell you how blown away I am by the improvements I have experienced, not just in my skin but in my overall wellbeing. I have suffered with horrible time-of-the-month symptoms for years and never managed to work out what the issue was.  I have always suffered problem skin which was the main driving force for giving your product a try, but for the first time in my life I feel as though I'm in balance. In addition to clear skin, (woohoo!) I have noticed I feel brighter, vibrant, full of energy, and so clear in my mind!  I am over the moon, thank you!" 

Charlene, Business Owner


"I started taking Equi about four months ago and it has transformed the way I feel! I lead a pretty busy life – juggling a job in PR which requires regular travel, a personal training business, my own intense workouts and a healthy social calendar which meant I was really lacking the energy I needed on a daily basis. Taking Equi gives me that extra boost which you don’t necessarily get just from eating well and it keeps me going all day. My concentration has improved, my skin looks great and I feel like my monthly cycles are a breeze. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! Alice and Rosie have created a fabulous product, ideal for those who lead a hectic lifestyle but want to feel as good as they possibly can.”

Astrid, London, PT/Marketing 


"Equi London Original Formula is an amazing energy booster and increases all around ‘feel good’ factor. Whilst I loved the effect of Beauty Formula on my skin, my need for increased energy was higher. In my practise I recommend Original to all clients/patients (I also recommend it in my medical practise) to people with low energy. I love the new taste and usually mix it with greek yoghurt. If in a rush in the am and have not had time to mix it, I take the capsules with me to work.  A five-star product."

Dr. Carmel Noonan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmic Surgeon



I tried Equi for 30 days and really saw a difference. It's a quick, easy and convenient way to help top up energy levels which (let's be honest!) are usually sub par when you're busy. It's been an absolute saviour to me on the occasion that I've either missed a couple of hours of sleep, or had one glass of wine too many! Rosie was brilliant at making a recommendation and was so supportive when I started! xx

Alexandra, London. 


“Equi London have carefully combined a unique powdered formula of antioxidants, omegas, probiotics, herbs and bioavailable nutrients from natural food sources, which works so well across many functional systems in the body. I’ve particularly seen great improvements with energy levels and monthly cycle fluctuations in my clients, who find it an easier solution to carrying around capsules with them. Equi London is the ideal one-stop-shop natural multi-vitamin, which, like they say is the perfect antidote to modern living”.

Zoe Stirling, London Nutritional Therapist & Squirrel Restaurant co-founder


"Just love your products, now on my second box (of Beauty Formula) and so happy with how my skin looks - clearer, improved texture and looks generally healthier all round. Thanks Equi!" 



I’ve tried loads of diet supplements over the years, but wanted a healthy alternative that didn’t make me feel shaky and wired.  I also wanted to avoid unnatural appetite suppressants which were unsustainable and left me feeling depleted.  Equi Lean is a life saver, it helped me lose weight and feel energised whilst ensuring I don’t miss out on any nutrients….and I look and feel the best I have in years!  Thank you Equi!  

Rebecca, London


“The quality and concentration of ingredients is second to none. With Alice's incredible nutritional knowledge, it really sets Equi above all the others”

Abigail James - Author and London celebrity facialist. 


I have been taking Equi every morning for over eight months now. The difference it has made to me is incredible. My energy levels are through the roof, even with three young boys to look after. I wanted to find one product that would include everything I need to take instead of buying and taking lots of different supplements and vitamins. Since I have started taking it I haven't even had the typical winter sniffles I usually get every year. My skin is glowing and my nails and hair feel glossy and shiny. I rave about this to everyone I meet as I just can't get over the difference this has made to me. I introduced it to my more sceptical husband who works very long hours in a stressful environment. He is now fully converted and as passionate about Equi as I am. I can not express enough just how much of a fan I am. Thank you Equi!

Paula, Busy Mum


"I was introduced to Equi London through Alice when I consulted her last year with skin problem. She basically spotted the root of the problem.... Ever since taking Equi London Beauty Formula 1.5 months ago, my skin has improved further, I hardly get any small breakouts or shiny skin. Not only better skin, but I feel very energised and the ability to focus at work increased significantly. Working in the investment banking industry can be very stressful and tiring and my working hours can vary between 8-10hrs a day and now I am glad to say I don’t feel the energy slump or fatigue easily at the end of a hectic day/week. I highly recommend getting on board, even my parents in Australia have started taking this every morning!"

Jin, 32, Edinburgh, Investment Banking. 


“Not only is my skin brighter and clearer than it's ever been, my gut health is more balanced and I have so much energy, I no longer need that cup of coffee in the morning” 

Gemma, 29, Lawyer


As a Personal Trainer and someone that’ s always running around like crazy, feeling focused and energised is paramount to me. Since taking Equi supplements I have noticed such an improvement in my overall energy levels and mental acuity. I feel ‘bullet proofed’ for whatever London has to throw at me! There’s an inordinate amount of supplements out there, a lot of which are a complete waste of time and money due to the quality. Having tried a multitude of various health supplements myself in the past, it’s so good to finally find one that’s not just the highest quality, but also an all-in-one. Buying countless, expensive individual supplements is a thing of the past. Equi has by far been the best I’ve tried and I notably feel the effects just minutes after taking my daily boost. I couldn’t recommend this more highly for anyone looking to feel better inside and out. Thank you so much Rosie & Alice for introducing me to it. 

Louis Browne - Personal Trainer, Founder of Bar Jam & Castore’s Brand Ambassador 


"People keep telling me my skin is glowing and all the tiny bumps on my cheeks and chin have disappeared…. along with my water retention! I feel lighter and brighter, thanks so much!”

Laura, 33, City Professional.

“The dark circles and fine lines around my eyes have near enough vanished and I haven't felt as energetic for years, I even feel stronger at the gym"

Nita, 32, Marketing


“My energy and concentration has been boosted enormously since taking Original Formula”

Nick, 34, Financial Services


"As many other sleep deprived mothers I tend to end up too tired to care about my own breakfast and lunch after caring for the kids and end up snacking instead which somehow doesn't improve the situation. Well aware of it, I have been looking for a multi(magic)vitamin that could help my body get some much needed attention and bumped into Equi London and decided to give their Original Formula a try. It took less than 2 weeks to feel the difference. I'm more energetic and have actually started paying more attention to what I eat, buying more fruit and vegetables cause as it turns out, it actually does matter what you fuel yourself with, go figure... ;) " 

Tina, Busy Mum


"I’ve been taking Equi for about 2 months now, and the change in my skin and energy levels is noticeable. My skin feels more hydrated, smoother, and in general I have fewer blemishes. My nails have also been very strong and healthy. I do a lot of sport so usually they break off pretty easily, but they’ve been looking tip top! And people have commented on how shiny my hair is… Thank you Equi!" 

Jenny, 27, Financial Services


I’ve got a girls holiday coming up and wanted to slim down for my beach. Lean Formula made me feel full for most of the day, kept me energised and even improved my skin. I got down to the weight I wanted to be by week 3!  The healthy eating book that it comes with is fantastic and has really taught me how I should be eating - that alone is worth the money! 

Gemma, Marketing, Bristol 


Very quickly after my boyfriend and I started taking Equi we both experienced increased alertness, more energy and an overall sense of wanting to get up and get the day started sort of energy. I have felt my concentration has increased immensely. We are currently training to run a half marathon at the end of Oct and we have felt Equi has helped us Detox and to add goodness to our body that long term help us to stay away from lots of naughty temptation during the day. Stamina and performance when training has increased too. I, WE absolutely love it, wasn’t sure what to expect when I first ordered it but I can honestly say it has more than exceeded our expectations and I am telling all my friends to try it, as it really helps you to feel and drive you towards the very best version of yourself. 

Elizabeth, Accountant 


Living and working in London has played havoc on my skin, not to mention stress from a busy career. After trying every lotion and potion, I had given up hope – I thought living with sluggish, lacklustre skin was inevitable. I turned to Equi Beauty Formula on my last thread of hope, and have been so impressed with the results – even after just a week. Sure, my skin is not perfect but it is on it’s way to looking more youthful, is 100 x more radiant and I am feeling healthier thanks to two servings a day. Move over apple’s – two Equi’s a day could probably keep the doctor a way! 

Lucy, Agent, London.


I started taking Equi Original Formula about 4 months ago to replace the number of supplements I was taking in the morning and to have everything I need (and more) in one easy scoop. Equi has not only tidied up my bathroom cabinet from all those different pill bottles but made me feel fantastic! I have a lot more energy than I did before (particularly after those 5.30am alarms), my movements are more regular which means a flatter tummy (winning) and my skin (my problem area) is miles better than it was. Thank you to Rosie & Alice for introducing me to their fabulous product - no morning is now the same without it.

Katie Grey, London Personal Trainer and Vlogger

As a busy 40 year old, I juggle life as a very happy single mum of two wonderful girls – one with special needs – as well as a motivating ambassadorial role for my amazing skincare company (including live broadcasting, often at unsocial hours). The latter requires me to look glowing & healthy – both in person up close, as well under the scrutiny of high definition television. My secret is a focused exercise regime to unwind and keep fit; my botanical skincare from Liz Earle which I’ve used for 20 years; and my new-found hero, Beauty Formula by Equi-London. I’m sometimes too busy to stop, but this simple morning supplement takes all the ‘what-supplements-do-I-need’ hassle away. I have been seeing Alice as a client for over 2 years and she has helped my overall health and well-being immeasurably. But I found it hard keeping up with all the individual pills, supplements and food boosters that she suggested. I am thrilled to now have one thing to take, that covers all that I need – and that has all the clinical background that I personally seek, with Alice’s solid training and background. I also love that my life is like Rosie’s – so I knew that if it worked for her, it would work for me. It is so easy to take – with water, in the morning. I keep mine by my herbal tea, which I take first thing, so I never forget my daily dose. My skin is clearer than ever and I’ve not had a hint of a winter sniffle since the autumn when I started it (whilst everyone around me was dropping like flies!) I put this down to Beautiful. Above all, I love the ease of use and if I could describe how I look and feel, then bright-eyed and bushy tailed would probably cover it! Thank you, Alice and Rosie – the best skincare and health tip that I can give is to try this. Simple, effective, real results.

Caroline Archer, Liz Earle's Brand Ambassador and QVC Presenter 


"I decided to start with the Original Formula supplement and I have been taking it for two weeks now - I am very impressed with the results! I have definitely noticed an increase in concentration and more stable and long-lasting energy. It is probably too soon to assess it impacts on my skin but I feel sure that the improvement on my overall health will lead to other positive changes in good time. I will be recommending this product to my friends and I look forward to trying the Beauty Formula supplement in the future also."



I just wanted to drop you a line to say that (unfortunately for him) I commandeered my husbands packet of Original Formula. I'm a new Mum and it's the first time I’ve taken something and genuinely feel like it made a difference to how I felt on a daily basis. Normally I can take it or leave it when it comes to supplements and often forget to take them - but with this it became something I felt I needed to take in order to continue feeling strong and healthy, with more energy. It’s fab!

Rosanna, New Mum, London  


I discovered Beauty Formula about 9 months ago... having used an Australian product for a few years! My skin has improved and my energy levels in my mid ‘50s has too ! Long may it last ! Thank you keep it up .. dying to try Original Formula!

Emma, London 

As a Wellness & Confidence Coach for stressed women, I am often asked about the best products when it comes to mitigating the effects that stress has on the gut, skin and energy.

I love this product and have recommended to many clients and friends. My skin has a much brighter, more radiant glow, my hair feels stronger and shinier and my gut health has improved too. I really enjoy the taste compared to other powders I have tried, and I often add it to my green smoothies.

This is a great product for anyone looking to enhance vitality and improve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails which are often affected by stress.

Amy, Life Coach, London