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A Closer Look At Our NEW Menopause Supplements Range

Here’s everything you need to know about our menopause supplements

After spending years researching the benefits that supplementation can have on perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, as well as being armed with the knowledge of female physiology, it only seemed right that we developed two innovative and highly efficacious products specifically targeted at this stage in life.

Created to help soothe the transition, promote internal balance and harmony, these menopause supplementation ultimately works to restore women’s power and confidence. From the initial starting point and complex formulation process right through to the finished products and how to use them, here’s everything you need to know.


What Was The Inspiration?

The driving force behind Equi London has always been to boost women’s overall health through the powers of nutrition, and with our current range doing just that for improving skin health, increasing energy levels, weight management, pregnancy, and enhancing immunity, we wanted to turn our attention to menopause. Our co-founder Rosie explains: “Menopause is a natural process every woman experiences, often at a time in life when she is feeling her most confident, most accomplished and most in control of the juggle of busy life.  Yet the imbalances that the body goes through during this time can often derail women completely with 46% considering quitting their jobs and many others losing their confidence to the point where they stop driving and withdraw from society.”
Having helped thousands of women in her clinic as a nutritional therapist, our other co-founder Alice Mackintosh has witnessed the power that good nutrition can have on helping to support women going through perimenopause and menopause and is passionate about helping more women receive the support they need to help them cope better. “Every woman is different, and each experience of perimenopause will vary, with a wide array of symptoms that impact the whole body. Whilst it’s a totally natural transition, it can often de-rail us and we want to create a solution to the on-going list of problematic symptoms, whilst also normalising the topic and raising awareness to empower women to find solutions that give them better quality of life,” she says. With this in mind, we knew we needed an all-natural answer that could help ease the multitude of symptoms and allow women to feel their best.

How Have They Been Formulated And What Are The Key Benefits?

We’ve been busy working tirelessly for over a year to ensure these two new products give real, noticeable results, like the rest of our award-winning range. Seeing as the fluctuations to our hormone levels that occur during this transition into menopause can lead to changes all over the body be that to our mood, energy, hair, skin, intimate health, libido, digestion, and sleep cycles, we needed to ensure that the products combined the very best ingredients together to work in synergy, helping to bring more balance to the body and enhancing the way we feel mentally and physically.

Inside Our Menopause Formula

We’ve harnessed the power of so many ingredients to make this the very best it can be but some of the real heroes include dong quai, sage extract, hops extract and vitamin B6 which all help to support and regulate hormonal activity which is crucial to combatting a large proportion of menopausal symptoms. “Sage extract has been specifically known to help with hot flushes” she says, citing a study in 2011 in Switzerland that found that 71 menopausal women taking sage extract experienced fewer and less extreme hot flushes over 8 weeks (1).  “Another which can also help is organic KSM66 ashwaganda help with sleep, our mood, anxiety levels and even stress tolerance. One double blind placebo-controlled trial found that showed that ashwagandha can help with hot flushes (2). We combine this with the mood enhancing and stress fighting adaptogen rhodiola.
To reduce inflammation throughout the body, we’ve used rosemary extract, for tiredness it’s a complex B-vitamin blend and for mental clarity and energy, its iron, iodine, magnesium and rhiodiola. The list doesn’t stop there, expect to also find zinc and vitamins C and D to help bolster the immune system as well as a female probiotic to help aid the microbiome and support intimate health. For the skin, we called upon goji and bilberry super berries to nourish and fight signs of ageing. Alice also adds that there is a specific anti-oxidant found in flaxseed extract called SDG – “this is a lignan phyto-oestrogen, which has been shown in some research to help with many menopausal symptoms”. 

With such an abundance of such unique and targeted ingredients, it’s no surprise the benefits are far and wide too. “This breakthrough formula helps you to not only feel good on the inside, but it helps you to get your glow back on the outside too,” says Alice. By fully supporting your entire body internally, it helps to balance your hormones, strengthen your immunity, and even improve digestion and your ability to cope with stress. Other noticeable changes you can expect are boosted concentration and energy levels as well as an all-round better mood. You can also expect your skin, hair and nails to be in better health so you can finally get your glow back. “It really will help you to feel calmer, happier and more in tune with your body’s changes,” says Rosie. “By giving your body the support it needs during this time, you’ll likely feel more energised, physically and mentally stronger and your health, wellbeing and body composition will be optimised.”

Inside Our Menopause Oil Edition

This liquid omega oil supplement contains six nutrient-rich organic oils which have each been carefully selected for their anti-inflammatory properties to help tackle dryness both internally and externally as well as levelling out disrupted hormones. The true star of the show is cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil which is renowned for its moisture-boosting abilities. It helps to soothe and hydrate the entire body as well as helping with vaginal dryness and dry eyes. We’ve carefully balanced this with plant-based omegas 3 and 6 to ensure optimum skin, hair and joint health as well as boosting brain function and general mood. We’ve also packed it with flaxseed and hempseed oil, evening primrose oil and pumpkin seed oil.
“The main benefits of our Menopause Oil Edition are centred around moisture and tackling unwanted dryness in the many different formats, which women find really extremely uncomfortable and debilitating” says Rosie. “This supplement also has a positive impact on brain, hair and joints health by providing anti-inflammatory oils that also benefit the cardiovascular system,” adds Alice.

“Menopause Oil Edition has been specifically designed, blended and bottled to deliver the ultimate natural antioxidant superpower blend and it packed full of fresh, cutting-edge, cold-pressed natural oils from the best suppliers we could find,” says Thomas, Formulation Expert and Equi Supplement Manufacturer. “We’re proud to bring to you a 100% natural nutritional solution which can support the body throughout the many stages of menopause and beyond,” he adds.


How Are The Equi Menopause Supplements Different To Others On The Market?

With so many supplements around, it can be overwhelming and often difficult to decide which is best, but unlike other menopause supplements available (which typically use one or two ingredients to target a specific concern), ours has been expertly formulated to target the full expanse of symptoms. Expect to feel much more in sync with yourself as we help you to balance your internal systems. “What also sets us apart is how thorough our formulation process is,” says Alice. “We spend a long time looking at ingredients individually and then how they work together to ensure complete synergy. For example, for vitamin D3 to really do what it needs to do in the body, we need it alongside calcium, vitamin K2, magnesium and also vitamin A. Or Menopause Formula also provides integral support to the gut thanks to specific strains of bacteria which are essential to female health. This is another must-have as the female microbiome can be negatively affected by a drop in oestrogen.”

How Is Best To Use Both Formulas?

Much like all our other formulas, the Menopause Formula is best when mixed in your shaker with water or plant-based milk. It can then be drunk at breakfast, lunch or perhaps even as an afternoon drink. The Menopause Oil Edition on the other hand can be taken neat from a tablespoon – we recommend 3ml per day which can be easily measured using the pipette. They can also be mixed together in your shaker.
“We wanted to create a duo which would not only work well independently, but that also pair together really well” says Alice, and so we we've created our Total Menopause bundle, which allows you to combine both products together and save 20% (or save 30% if you subscribe). 

“The two products can be taken separately, or you can reap the rewards of both and combine in your shaker for maximum support.” Together these products contain 54 premium, bio-available nutrients and omegas to boost the female body at a time when it’s most in need of balance.
If you’re already taking one of our Formula products, you’ll be okay to switch over to this thanks to the comprehensive nature of each of our formulations meaning they can stand-alone and support you in so many ways. That being said, they do perform well alongside our additions such as Glow, Immunity and Beauty Oil.


  1. Bommer S, Klein P, Suter A. First time proof of sage's tolerability and efficacy in menopausal women with hot flushes. Adv Ther. 2011 Jun;28(6):490-500.
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Disclaimer: Certain supplements are used for different reasons and a one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be adopted. In addition, pregnant women and anyone on medication should always consult a doctor before embarking on a supplements programme. As with all articles on www.equilondon.com, this is no substitution for individual medical or nutritional advice.


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