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Energy & Mind

If one part of you isn’t working well, the whole body feels it. Equi is the first supplement which considers every part of you, nourishing the whole body so that you feel energised and strong but also able to rest, with a focussed mind that can also switch off. The power of the body in balance.

We wanted to remove the confusion and disappointment in the overwhelming supplement market. Our comprehensive, systematic approach to supplements means you no longer need to create your own plan with snippets of information and products that weren’t designed to be taken together.

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Total, targeted body nourishment



I absolutely swear by the Original Formula. I cannot describe how much better I feel when I take it. It’s now part of my monthly investment in my health, I look at it like a gym membership but for the well-being of my whole body and mind as it really works. I’ve also just started taking the Glow Edition too. Whilst I’m yet to receive some compliments I think I’m already looking more youthful :)

Ruth Tolchard

... I switched from another similar brand and I will never look back. I have used the original and lean formulas, both fantastic and lately started on the menopause formula which is a dream. I currently pair with the glow supplement and my running is faster, my concentration is back to where it was, I feel more happy than sad and my skin, nails and hair are in better condition than in my twenties... Love love love 🖤

Liz Dicken
verified buyer

I have been taking the original capsules for just over three months now.

I started noticing the benefits very quickly and have much more energy, I am sleeping better, my mind seems clearer and it has improved my pmt. I have recommended these to many friends who are also now taking them.

I wouldn’t be without them now, they are amazing!!!

Ciara Macdonald
verified buyer

How should I take Equi?

- We recommend you have your daily scoop or capsules after food - ideally breakfast or lunch. 

- The powders have been specifically designed to taste good naturally mixed with water, however are suitable to be added to a smoothie or juice. 

- For maximum taste and smoothness, we recommend powders are consumed in a shaker. These are available to buy here.

- It's up to you how much water you take it with, but generally we recommend around 200ml cold water (tastes better when from the fridge!) per daily dose. Mix very well before drinking and have it immediately. 

- Ideally aim to avoid hot drinks for 10 minutes before and after to preserve the natural goodness, active enzymes and probiotics.

- If you have found you are sensitive to supplements in the past, or have complex health issues and intolerances we recommend starting with half a scoop or less, and building the dose up over the course of 2-4 weeks.

What can I expect when I start taking Equi products?

Our products have been formulated to make a noticeably positive difference to your health, using a powerful blend of ingredients to support and nourish every part of your unique and complex functioning in accordance with our Equi Eight Philosophy.

Equi supplements contain a unique set of ingredients designed to address imbalances, re-harmonise the body and in so doing, get you feeling your best. If you have struggled with health issues in the past this can be a sign that some underlying functions are compromised which can take some time to rebalance. 

Negative symptoms are uncommon, but as with all supplements it is possible to notice changes in digestion and energy levels as your body adapts to your new regime, especially if you have never taken supplements before. Once things rebalance, the body generally begins to thrive and you feel lighter, brighter, more energised and productive.
You should reduce dose by half or more if you do notice any changes. Symptoms should not last more than a week, but if they persist we recommend stopping and speaking to your doctor. If you experience severe symptoms of any kind, stop taking Equi products and seek medical advice immediately.

How long will it be until I notice changes?

If you take Equi consistently you can expect to notice a number of positive impacts quite quickly, however this will depend on the person and their specific needs, circumstances and health. We generally expect energy to increase quickly, along with concentration, alertness and immunity. If you take the Beauty Formula daily, skin often feels brighter and more dewy within 2 weeks, with spots and troublesome skin clearing up in around 4-6 weeks.

Our 1 month long trial with 30 participants demonstrated:

- 80% reported better energy levels within 3 weeks

-85% reported brighter, clearer skin

I have an auto-immune condition, are Equi products safe?

Though everyone is different, we suggest speaking to a doctor if you have any kind of autoimmune condition before taking our products, as they do contain ingredients that can impact the immune system. This is especially the case if taking immuno-suppressant medications. 


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