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Everything you need to know about Equi's Skin Supplements

Having helped thousands of women in her clinic over the last decade, our co-founder and registered nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh has witnessed day-in, day-out, the power that good nutrition can have on helping to improve and support skin health. She works at the forefront of nutritional science and has a deep understanding of female physiology, which is what has allowed her to help so many women wanting to improve their skin.

“Beauty Formula is where Equi began – the product that banished Rosie’s acne, and also worked for thousands of clients in my clinic. As women, the skin can be a barometer for our internal health. Imbalances to our immunity, hormones, digestion and stress systems can all contribute to skin concerns, yet no skin supplements target these key body systems. I wanted to create a product that tackled all of this whilst also delivering the very best quality skin nutrients that I often find to be deficient in women’s diets to bring real, x-factor results for skin, no matter what your age.” - Alice Mackintosh Bsc (hons) Bsc (hons), CNHC, mBANT

How Does Beauty Formula work?

Our multi award-winning Beauty Formula is a synergy of 48 of the most effective nutritional compounds proven to combat skin conditions by addressing underlying causes, predominantly imbalances within the body, whilst also brightening the complexion. It hydrates, strengthens and rejuvenates your skin, protecting it from the ageing effects of sun damage, stress and pollution, all whilst supporting the collagen* and hydration levels responsible for your skin’s glow.
It does this by working to support all the body systems that are needed for good skin (hormones, digestion, immunity, detoxification, energy, stress, brain, bones and muscles and reproduction) as well as nourishing the skin itself.

Why is Beauty Formula better than other skin supplements on the market?

Beauty Formula is completely unique and gives the most incredible results.  We believe that healthy skin is achieved when the whole body is in balance, this is why taking a single collagen shot often doesn’t cut it. To see and feel real results, the whole body should be considered and Beauty Formula is a full supplement regime in one products - the equivalent of taking 10 different supplements (a multi-vitamin, mineral, probiotics, superfoods, hormone support herbs, nourishing medicinal mushrooms, vegan omegas and proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, silica + more!). This would cost over £250 if bought as separate products, but our experts have meticulously combined the nutrients to their perfectly calibrated levels.

This means that not only will you experience clear and glowing skin, stronger hair and nails, but your energy, digestion, hormone balance, immunity and concentration will all be improved as a very happy side effect.



What are the key ingredients in the Beauty Formula and how do they work?

  • Equi’s GlowCutis® blend - a collagen-stimulating, antioxidant powerhouse to nourish skin, hair and nails. Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Type 1 Marine Collagen peptides, Zinc, Vit C, Pine Bark Extract, Resveratrol & Silica, which work together to support every stage of the skin cell cycle, strengthening and helping to counteract premature skin ageing.
  • Acerola Cherry:A powerful and natural source of Vitamin C to aid collagen production*. 
  • Adaptogenic Herbs + Vitamin B6:Supports the regulation of hormonal activity*.
  • Advanced Multivitamins + Minerals:A female-specific and skin targeted spectrum of bio-available vitamins and minerals. 
  • Biotin, Selenium, Niacin:Maintains epidermal cell health for the maintenance of normal skin*. 
  • Glutamine:Enhances immunity and may help to control intestinal permeability ('leaky gut'). 
  • Vegan Probiotics:Supports digestive health and the “gut-skin axis”.  
  • Supergrasses + Berries:Highly nourishing plant-based goodness, to support the whole body and aid cleansing. 
  • Turmeric Extract:Reduces swollen and sore areas and enhances gut health 
  • Vitamin C & zinc - Boosts collagen formation and contributes to normal skin health as well as stimulating collagen production*.
Equi fan Renee Lapino, Medical Facialist & Skin Expert

How does Beauty Formula differ to Glow Edition?

Beauty Formula is THE most comprehensive women's skin supplement available on the market (and has won two awards for the privilege… ahem!). This is because it has around 50 ingredients that work to nourish the skin by aiding hormone balance, immunity, gut health, liver function and many more important body systems. It also has collagen, silica, hyaluronic acid and some amazingly nourishing skin ingredients (some of which overlap with Glow Edition but are safe to taken together). If you take Beauty Formula as well as the Glow Edition, you’ll give your skin ultimate nourishment from within to help it to be healthy, clear and bright.
Beauty Formula is brilliant if you have a skin complaint because it helps to nourish your complexion by supporting the whole body, as well as giving the key nutrients to support it directly (this is also why it’s a little more expensive). It’s also a wonderful support for hormonal imbalance.

Glow Edition is an antioxidant-rich blend that targets skin, aid collagen production and helps fight the signs of ageing, but with fewer ingredients to give it a real boost, but not offering the same whole-body support as Beauty Formula (you’d need to take this on top if you wanted it). The approach is slightly different, but both give incredible results!  We recommend Glow Edition to be taken alongside our other Formulas such as Original and Lean for those wanting to add in skin specific nutrients.

What are the key ingredients in Glow Edition?

  • Vitamin C: Regenerating and increases collagen formation*
  • Bilberry: Nourishing antioxidant for brightening the skin 
  • TurmericAnti-inflammatory Protecting 
  • Lycopene: A powerful antioxidant to protect against UV damage 
  • ZeaxanthanPhytonutrient to brighten and protect against oxidative stress 
  • Pine Bark: A skin hero for complexion enhancing against skin discolouration, and improved hydration 
  • Resveratrol: Known as the ‘master anti-oxidant’ - potent and anti-ageing


How does Beauty Oil Edition differ to Glow Edition?

Beauty Oil Edition is an omega 3 oil made from 100% krill oil. This also helps to fight signs of ageing by nourishing skin cells, but also improves hydration and reduces inflammation.

Equi fan Irene Forte, Founder of Irene Forte Skincare 

Can you take Glow Edition and Beauty Oil Edition together?

Yes absolutely, these skin supplements work brilliantly together and really complement each other.

Is it safe to combine all three Beauty products (Glow Edition, Beauty Oil Edition and Beauty Formula) together?

It is safe and you can if you wish, especially if preparing for an event such as your wedding or a holiday.  We generally recommend starting with Beauty Formula and Beauty Oil Edition if you wish to combine two and doing this for 1 month.
You can reap the rewards of both AND save with our Total Beauty bundle, which combines Beauty Formula and Beauty Oil Edition for a 5% saving (or 20% when you subscribe).
“The combination of Beauty Formula and Beauty Oil Edition is really the holy grail of skin supplements. I’m a real beauty junkie and take these two products daily to help keep my skin glowing." Alice Mackintosh, co-founder and nutritional therapist.  

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How quickly can I start seeing results? How often should I take them? 

When it comes to all of our skin supplements, though we would expect you to see results with skin in 2-3 weeks, for a true transformation we suggest taking it for 2-3 months. It can take this long for new, healthy skin cells to reach the surface to outwardly show off your better skin, and also for hormonal issues to resolve.  

Drop us a line if you want more help so we can help you work out what combination will suit you best.


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