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Nootropics and How to stay focussed when working from home

There are so many benefits to working from home, but when it comes to our focus and concentration, it's a challenge. It's asking a lot from ourselves to be at our most productive when we have not had the usual ‘switch’ into work mode. We’re no longer getting dressed in normal work attire, commuting to our place of work nor being in the energy of a working environment.. not to mention the distractions of being at home. We don't know about you, but we've found it really tricky this January to stay focussed and productive.

The brain and body are inextricably linked, working in synergy all day long. Just like every other system in the body, the brain is dependant on the rest of the body working optimally, communicating with digestion, hormones, stress and immunity. Because Equi Formulas work to bring the whole body (including the brain) into balance, we are so incredibly effective and powerful in helping to keep you focussed, and no other supplements work in this way, or carefully combine ingredients together the way we do. 

Along with vitamins, minerals, gut support and adaptogens, we also add nootropics into our products, and if you haven't heard of these amazing, natural brain sharpeners, then read on to discover how and why science shows they can make such a difference to your cognition and concentration. 

What are Nootropics and why Equi?

Nootropics are compounds, whether natural or synthetic, that have the ability to enhance brain function. Different nootropics can have different benefits and properties, but they work to improve focus, mood, memory, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Whilst in the USA some nootropics can be obtained through your doctor, the best and most supportive products are compounds that are found in nature, and this is where EQUI focuses.

Not only do these support the brain, but they can also have nourishing impacts on the rest of the body, which loops back to improve our mental wellbeing.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Scisandra first gained recognition as an ‘adaptogenic’ and nootropic herb in the early 1960s, as a result of the large number of pharmacological and clinical studies carried out by Russian scientists in the preceding two decades on their military personannel and astronauts. Further recent research has shown it’s positive impacts on the central nervous system as well as on our stress levels - studies demonstrate improved reactions to psychological stress with reduced cortisol levels. It has also been shown to have positive impacts on menopausal women experiencing unwelcome symptoms associated with hormonal changes. 

Found in Beauty Formula & Lean Formula

Siberian Ginseng

Also known as Eleuthero, this uplifting ‘adaptogenic’ herb is also classed as a Nootropric, owing to the protective benefits it has on the body during times of stress, as well as improving endurance capacity and cardiovascular function. Thought to help with negative side effects of chronic stress such as anxiety, brain fog, low mood and fatigue.

 Found in Original Formula (powder and caps) & Lean Formula


Research in 2019 revealed that master anti-oxidant resveratrol, which is isolated from grape skin, displayed anti-stress effects by blocking the expression of an enzyme related to the control of stress in the brain. Studies have found that this potent anti-oxidant, isolated from grape skins, may help to reverse cognitive ageing by as much as 10 years.

Found in Beauty Formula & Glow Edition 


These crucial fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and may help to alleviate both diagnosed and undiagnosed depression. The brain is made up of approximately 60% lipids, and DHA and EPA from omega 3 are critical for helping to support normal brain function*.

Found in Pregnancy Oil Edition & Beauty Oil Edition

Bilberry Extract

Berries, particularly blueberries/bilberries, can have mental as well as physical benefits. A 2011 study showed improved scores in memory tests following supplementation.

Found in Beauty Formula, Lean Formula, Original Formula (powder) & Glow Edition

Cordyceps extract

This mycological mushroom extract has been used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, with modern research confirming it’s numerous health benefits. In particular it has been found to support energy levels and may help with adrenal function. 

Found in Original Formula (Capsules and Powder) 


A powerful anti-oxidant with an extensive evidence base demonstrating positive impacts on energy and cognition possibly owing to its positive impact on mitochondrial function. A 2016 double blind placebo controlled study found that supplementation for 6 weeks significantly enhanced physical performance versus placebo.

Found in Beauty Formula, Lean Formula, Original Formula (Capsules and Powder) & Pregnancy Formula 


Shown to reduce inflammation in the gut, help support gut microbiome  and the integrity of the gut membrane, an organ that communicates with the brain, immune and endocrine system. Curcuminoids extracted from turmeric have been found to have anti-inflammatory impacts on the body and may even help alleviate depression.

Found in Beauty Formula, Original Formula & Glow Edition

Reishi mushroom extract

Known as the king of mushrooms, reishi has been found to contain 400 bioactive compounds, including immune-supporting ‘beta-glucans’. One of nature’s most nourishing foods and has long been used in Chinese medicine to nourish the whole body, helping to build a strong constitution. Reishi has more gentle and moderating impacts on body and brain function, but studies have shown that it may be a useful support for those with degenerative brain function, as well as aiding in the production of Nerve Growth Factor, which supports memory and longevity. Also shown in research to reduce inflammation and moderate our immunity to help it better fight against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Also a prebiotic to aid gut health, Equi add reishi extract into our formulas as it provides support universally throughout the body to bring about optimal health.

Found in Beauty Formula and Immunity Edition


Disclaimer: As with all information on Equi London, this information is not a substitute for medical advice. No one diet or supplement regime works for everyone and you should always seek help from a GP and registered health expert before making changes to your diet, or before introducing any supplements. 


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