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Reduce Cellulite & Boost Lymphatic Drainage With Body Brushing

Why You Should Make Body Brushing Your New Daily Ritual in 2020

While many of you may have heard of using a dry body brush to help reduce cellulite, there are in fact a whole host of other benefits these mighty bristles can give. Read on to discover why you should incorporate this beauty ritual into your daily routine for overall wellbeing!

Body Brushing To Exfoliate

“Body brushing is a really good way of exfoliating the surface of the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new ones to give a smoother complexion,” explains Abigail James, leading London facialist and skincare expert.
That’s not all… regular body brushing will also help boost the efficiency of your body moisturiser as it allows the product to penetrate the skin better. Another added bonus is that it can also help to keep ingrown hairs at bay as your cell turnover is heightened.


Body Brushing For Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

“Body brushing is also a great way of boosting blood circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to the skin and encouraging lymphatic flow,” says Abigail. “This is hugely beneficial as lymph drainage is essential to supporting the bodies detoxification process.” Mobilising toxins, encouraging circulation and boosting lymphatic draining may also help to strengthen immunity, though more research is needed in this area.


Body Brushing To Reduce Cellulite

It’s totally normal and healthy to have some cellulite, most women do, and there ain't nothing wrong with some wobbly bits. However, cellulite can be exacerbated by sluggish circulation and detoxification, so body brushing could be a good idea if you're really struggling with this. It may help to soothe the appearance of uneven fat deposits under the skin, helping skin to feel firmer and plumper. Body brushing can also work to bring freshly oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin which also contributes to better elasticity.


reduce cellulite

Body Brushing To Boost Energy Levels

Boosted circulation also means better energy levels so forget your morning espresso and try body brushing for a natural energy hit. For this reason, we love to body brush before our morning shower to help invigorate and enliven the senses. It may also help release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals our body produces when we exercise, perfect if you haven’t managed to make it to the gym!


Body Brushing To Eliminate Stress

As body bushing is a type of massage, it can work wonders for calming the nervous system and relieving stress after a long day. Try a few firm sweeps before a long soak in a bath of epsom or magnesium salts. This too will aid better sleep and help you to wake feeling more refreshed.


The Body Brushing Technique

You should always use your body brush on dry skin. Apply a medium to firm pressure and always brush in strokes towards your heart as this is where your lymphatic system drains from. Around 8-10 strokes on each limb is more than enough to reap the rewards.


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