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Your body isn't a collection of parts, but an interconnected system.

Your body has 10 interconnected systems, its pillars of health. When they are nourished and functioning optimally you are strong and energised, physically and mentally. Put simply, you look and feel at your very best.

This is why all EQUI products work to support women’s bodies on a deep level that encourages complete internal balance. Yes, they address specific needs, but they do so by taking a holistic, whole body, approach. This philosophy underpins every formulation we create because we are passionate that it is the most effective approach to supplementation.    

By precisely calibrating the ingredients we blend into each of our products, each of the body’s 10 systems are comprehensively nourished. Every ingredient we incorporate is selected for its benefits to the female body and carefully researched within the scientific database for its benefits and safety for women.

01. Digestion

Even a perfect diet cannot nourish the body fully if food is not properly broken down and absorbed. The gut harbours 80% of our immune system, serving as a direct line of communication between our nervous system, brain, and overall physical and mental health. Inadequate digestion can manifest in various forms, from discomfort like bloating to issues such as acne, hormonal imbalances, and unwanted weight gain, and nourishing it can indirectly address many health concerns.

02. Detoxification

Our systems grapple with a constant influx of potentially harmful environmental substances. Efficient detoxification and excretion are critical to safeguarding our cells. To promote overall well-being, it's vital to nourish our liver and kidneys with the right essential nutrients, ensuring these vital processes remain finely tuned and balanced to keep our body resilient. 

03. Hormones

Balanced hormones help harmonise the entire body, supporting energy levels, metabolism, mood, libido, sleep and a regular monthly cycle. The physiological reaction to stress is also governed by hormones, so the more we can counteract the intrinsic stress of our modern lifestyles, the better our energy levels, sleep, immunity, hormone levels, digestion and cognitive function are likely to be. 

04. Skin

Our skin, the body's largest organ, acts as both a protective barrier to the external world and a mirror to our internal well-being. It works closely with the gut, hormones, and immune system, meaning that we not only need to support the physically barrier, but also the rest of the body. An array of essential nutrients and phytochemicals play a pivotal role in maintaining the skin's resilience, youthfulness, and clarity.

05. Reproductive

The process of creating new life is a complex and delicate one, demanding the highest quality nutrients to maintain the reproductive system's harmony. These nutrients are also vital for fostering a healthy libido, sustaining hormone balance, and fortifying the vitality of our life force. The balance of these systems hinges on the regular intake of a very delicate balance of nutrients. 

06. Energy

Vitality is the hallmark of a healthy body, and a lack of energy often serves as an initial indicator of nutrient deficiency or compromised metabolic processes. Sustaining and achieving optimal energy levels requires comprehensive nutritional support that caters to the body's multifaceted needs. 

07. Musculo-Skeletal

Strength, endurance, and agility are rooted in a healthy structural framework, especially as we age. The health of our bones, cartilage, collagen, and blood vessels is maintained by a nuanced synergy of amino acids, fats, vitamins and essential minerals, that can be difficult to get through diet alone. 

08. Immunity

In today's world, our immune systems play a more pivotal role than ever. They serve as our frontline defence against viruses, bacteria, inflammation, and intolerances. Bolstering our immune defences requires a spectrum of strengthening nutrients and the maintenance of a balanced and resilient gut, which houses 80% of our immune system.

09. Cardio-Vascular

Efficiently delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout the body is fundamental to keeping every system operating at peak performance. Protecting our heart, lungs, circulatory system, and musculature requires an array of essential nutrients that safeguard our health both in the present and for the future.

10. Brain/Nervous

The brain and nervous system, the most intricate supercomputer known to humanity, govern critical functions such as concentration, memory, mood, libido, and energy levels. Nurturing them with specific nutrients and preserving their connections with the gut, immune system, hormones, and metabolic systems is paramount to ensure our mood, memory, and cognitive faculties operate at their full potential.

01. Digestion supporting ingredients

02. Detoxification supporting ingredients

03. Hormone supporting ingredients

04. Skin supporting ingredients

05. Reproductive supporting ingredients

06. Energy supporting ingredients

07. Musculo-skeletal supporting ingredients

08. Immunity supporting ingredients

09. Cardio-vascular supporting ingredients

10. Brain supporting ingredients


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Disclaimer Certain supplements are used for different reasons and a one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be adopted. In addition, pregnant women and anyone on medication should always consult a doctor before embarking on a supplements programme. As with all articles on, this is no substitution for individual medical or nutritional advice.


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