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Equi's Top of Their Game: Featuring London's Best Facialist

This is the first in our Top of Their Game series, where we’ll be speaking to inspirational people from all walks of life who have achieved great things through hard work, creativity and gumption. Watch this space for more from exciting entrepreneurs, cooks, authors, creatives, sport and fitness influencers and much more! 

We are excited to be kicking off the series with facialist to the stars Abigail James - one the hottest picks in London and Liz Earle's Global Treatment Ambassador. Here at Equi London we love everything and everyone that gives us a glowing complexion and we created our first product Beautiful (now called Beauty Formula) with this in mind.  

 Beautiful brings you the benefits of every skin loving  ingredient we could get our hands on and is designed to help to clear spots, smooth bumps, remove fine lines and brighten any complexion. We know the power of treating your skin from within, but the impact of a good facial is also unquestionable and something we firmly believe in, and that's why we were thrilled to chat with gorgeous Abigail and get her exclusive tips on how to incorporate these techniques into your skin care routine.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

Being a single mum of 3 is not an easy task! I try to do a fitness class once or twice a week. I see this as “me time” and prioritise it between clients and meetings. If I make it to yoga that's a bonus but I often practice at home early in the morning. I usually work late and don’t get home until after 8pm so evenings for me are to catch up with my kids and fall into bed as soon as possible! At weekends I’m kind to myself and can often be found still in my PJ’s at lunch time, when I may be catching up on home things and work from the week. Sometimes I work 12 days in a row, so this “PJ” time is essential.

How does your morning routine play out?

My kids are all over 10 now so it’s not too stressful. I wake up early, check Insta, FB, emails and twitter for 5 mins, then 15 minutes yoga flow 3 days a week. I have breakfast with my kids and make sure they are fed, homework in bags, water bottles and ready for school. Breakfast is often eggs, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, or a homemade gluten free bircher type thing with flax, chia and lots of super foods sprinkled on top. I am fuelled with pints of Earl Grey tea to get me out of the house. I walk just under a mile to the train and then it’s on to my day. I love listening to music while I walk or do the commute. This helps me go into my own world rather than the crazy commuter world; it makes me happy and gets my brain going.


What’s your “go to” skin product?

Too many to mention! Exfoliators, serums and oils, exfoliants with AHAs to brighten, refresh and smooth, serums to feed and restore and oils to nourish, feed and hydrate. 

What would you like to achieve within the next five years?

Now that would be telling, but I’ve always got some plans on the go!

What’s your favourite way of winding down after a busy day?

The ritual of cleaning the day from my face! I love this time to myself. I will double clean, massage and apply serums and night products. On Fridays it's a glass (I’m only human) and I like to sit and look at a nice view. My brain is usually too frazzled at the end of the day to get into a book, so I am more likely to meditate for 5 minutes or get a last minute massage and hugs with my kids.

What's the most important thing you tell your daughter about skin care?

Don’t be hung up on beauty; you are so much more than that. I ask her to actually start using some products and get into a routine, your skin won’t sort itself if you don’t look after it!

What's the thing you wish you had known 'then' that you know now?

Only you can make your journey happen, you need to have more confidence and faith in yourself. You are actually more beautiful now, at this exact moment, but you won’t realize that until you are looking back at how beautiful you were.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Apoko apoko (I’m sure the spelling is wrong) my mother, who sadly now has dementia, always said this to me. I understand it to mean little by little, keep going, you will get there in your own time and you will be fabulous.

Wise words indeed from the very wonderful Abigail James. You can find out more about her services on her website. Stay tuned for more in our series in the coming weeks! 


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