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Face Yoga - Up your self-care game for beautiful skin!


We are all about self-care here at Equi, with nutrition and intelligent, systematic supplementation obviously being a key part element of this. However we’re always on the look out for different and effective ways to take good care of ourselves.  Face Yoga is having a moment right now, and is a route to beautiful skin. We’ve loved it so much that we wanted to share it with you.

Did you know that there are over 50 muscles in the face which, with the right technique, you can train in the same way you would tone your body.  An alternative to skincare, which obviously works just with the skin’s surface, face yoga includes exercise and massage to tone, lift, strengthen and relax your facial muscles. When adopted into your daily routines, it can help to prevent lines, promote cell renewal, blood flow to all layers of the skin, boost collagen production, drain excess water/puffiness - all resulting in a brighter glow and beautiful skin.
The beauty of face yoga is that all you need is 10 minutes a day, anytime of day and it is a completely natural (and free) way to support ageing gracefully.  Not only this, there are added mental benefits from the relaxation of massage and the mindfulness of the exercises... not to mention how good it feels to get glowing beautiful skin
Face Yoga expert Daisy Guy shares some information with us - and if you’re looking for a good place to start check out both her IG profile @faceyogadaisy for tutorials, or her online course for a more thorough approach. Co-founder Rosie just did an IG live with Daisy, so you can find this on our Instagram here

What is face yoga?

Face Yoga is a totally natural approach to facial rejuvenation. Combining techniques such as relaxation and acupressure with facial exercises and massage, we learn to connect to the body and take care of our faces in a positive and empowered way. Botox and fillers are popular treatments and used widely today. The downsides of these treatments is that they require maintenance and can cause potential damage to the skin, tissues and result in a loss of facial symmetry. It is a personal choice, and wonderful to have options; it doesn't have to be one or the other!

How did you get into face yoga?

I was curious about natural and holistic methods when it comes to the skin and body and loved exploring Eastern and Western approaches to health for my own wellbeing. I studied Health, Beauty and Holistic at a London College and developed my personal knowledge to better take care of my health and share this with others. While doing a little bit of research I came across Face Yoga! I was to be honest, pretty sceptical and also wasn’t keen on the idea of making loads of shapes with my face with other people. But, the more I read about it the more I liked the idea of at least trying it out, which is what I did! I trained with Danielle Collins in December 2019, then set up my Instagram account in March 2020 when the first lockdown came into place.

Can you tell us the basics?

Face Yoga combines a variety of exercises that create movement working muscles and tissues to increase blood circulation and tone the muscles. We tend to treat our faces very differently to our bodies; we can go to town applying products to the skin, but not give that much thought for what sits beneath it. Massage and acupressure are also part of Face Yoga, using simple and traditional techniques to relieve tension, improve skin health and release energy. 
In the mornings having just spent around 8 hours in bed I’m usually a little stiff and my circulation is slow. I need to move a bit, stretch out and wake my body up. Even a few minutes can make such a difference. Think of Face Yoga in the same way. You can gently wake up your facial muscles and circulation too, and in the process strengthen and tone muscles to improve overall facial radiance. It feels good too, clients I’ve worked with one-one love how they feel after a face yoga session and see results from consistent practise within a couple of months. 
Can you tell us a little more about how it is also a practice for mindfulness?
One of the most important parts of the practise is relaxation. Learning to recognise how we hold stress in our bodies and faces and discovering what some of our habits might be around this. If I spend half my day curled over a laptop frowning this is not going to be good for my posture, health or my face! Sounds obvious, but so many of these behaviours are habitual and unconscious. A little focus each day on relaxation, breath-work and connecting to ourselves with kindness when we wake up our faces can make a big difference because we can start to change them! I know this from personal experience and see the results and benefits of this approach.   

What do I need to start?

In short, nothing!  Your hands are really all you need but I recommend using a serum or facial oil for massage to protect the skin from dragging.

How often do I need to do it for beautiful skin?

Consistency is key so I recommend 10-20 minutes a day to really see results, but as with all wellness routines, life can sometimes get in the way and if you have a few days/weeks off, just pick up up again.  You might see a light change in your facial muscles but it’s super easy to get into the routine.

Does it feel a little strange?

Face yoga is in part making a few pretty weird shapes with your face. Fortunately, it’s usually done in the privacy of your home or on a zoom call with some other lovely face yogi’s all doing the same thing! It is much more than this though. By combining these with techniques to massage and boost skin health, apply acupressure to open energy channels, reduce blockages and tension, AND become more aware of our habits, we have a skillset and positive habit that’s entirely ours to use as much as we like for life where we not only see the benefits, but feel good too.


Disclaimer: As with all information on Equi London, this information is not a substitute for medical advice. 


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