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Herbal Tea - A British Pastime For Health And Wellbeing

Us Brits are famous the world over for our love of tea and sometimes you can’t beat a good old cup of English Breakfast, but herbal teas are a quick and easy way to super charge the body and we get through gallons of the stuff over at Equi HQ!

With an increasing awareness of the impact of caffeine on our already overloaded systems, more and more people are switching on to the benefits of delicious herbal teas. Supermarket shelves are bursting with options, but how do you choose the right tea for your current mood? Stick the kettle on and find out which herbal tea you should be drinking and when.


Good Morning Green Tea 

Replace your morning coffee with a green tea, or matcha latte. These contain caffeine alongside a burst of antioxidants and brain boosting compounds such as EGCG which are famed for their health giving properties. They also deliver a special compound called theanine, an amino acid which amazingly helps to keep the brain calm and anxiety free, yet focused and alert.


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Mid-Afternoon Pick Me Up

A blend containing yerba mate and ginseng, like the Tplus Boost blend, could be the mid afternoon pick me up you need in your day. What’s so special about this combination? According to this Medical News Today articleGinseng may help with stimulating physical and mental activity among people who are weak and tired,” whilst Yerba Mate is purported to boost energy by acting as a stimulant. 


Sleep Tea

If you’re feeling really tired and in need of help getting a good night’s sleep, look for a blend containing herbs such as lavender and valerian; lavender is well known for its calming and sleep inducing effects and valerian root is thought to have a sedative effect on the brain. Sip a cup of this night-time blend from Pukka Herbs before heading off to bed and enjoy a tranquil night’s sleep.


Ward Off That Cold...

Look for teas that feature Echinacea and Elderberry. Keep a box of this Yogi Tea Immune Support in your drawer (or a teabag in your handbag if you’re on the go) ready to work its magic when the sniffles start desk hopping. Echinacea is thought to contain compounds which prevent bugs from getting into healthy cells and Elderberry has an immune-stimulant effect; prevent rather than cure!


Stress Busting

Stress gets us all at some point. Find a quiet space, take a load off, do some breathing exercises and savour a cup containing Ashwagandha or Reishi. Not strictly a “tea” but a herbal blend worthy of inclusion nonetheless this blend featuring Reishi (mushroom) and Cacao is the ideal destress cuppa and Reishi is a fantastic adaptogenic herb – helping to restore calm in your overwrought system.  If you can’t get your hands on that, go for a calming cup of Camomile.

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Tea After A Par-tea

We’ve all been there. Have an invigorating shower, put on some comfy clothes and wrap your hands around a mug featuring an infusion that spotlights Ginger and Turmeric, such as this Numi Three Roots Turmeric tea. Ginger is known for helping with nausea and both ingredients are anti-inflammatory, perfect for dealing with that sore head.  Another great blend is Yogi Tea Detox, a delicious mix of Dandelion, Ginger, Liquorice, Cinnamon and much more which all contribute to getting the body fired up and working again, aiding digestion, detoxification and immunity.


That Time Of The Month Ladies...

Create a comforting space for yourself and sip on a blend containing rose (for menstrual cramps), Shatavari (strengthens the uterus and regulates menstruation) and beetroot (Iron rich); such as the Womankind blend from Pukka Herbs




Without a doubt, there’s still a time and a place for your standard English brew, but there’s a definite and well(ness) founded trend towards the more “functional” herbal teas. With scientific studies backing some of the benefits and centuries of therapeutic use, could your body do with some gentle support from your daily cuppa?


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