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# International Women's Day

Feminism has come a very long way. 

We’re so lucky to benefit from all of the hard work women before us gave to the fight for equality.  But now it seems we’re at a tricky stage where women are pretty much doing it all.
Work and chasing our ambitions, running the home, keeping the fridge fully stocked and mealtimes interesting and healthy, children and ALL the blood sweat and tears (both good and bad) they bring, keeping up with your family, keeping up with your friends, giving your relationship enough attention, finding the one AND looking good!  We have more responsibility now than ever which brings a lot of pressure.  
There is so much talk about that elusive ‘balance’, but as working Mums, we know that sometimes the balance is simply making it through the week.  When we set out to create Equi, we wanted to bring effective supplements to the market that helped women feel and look their best, even when up against all of the stresses of a busy modern life.  But we also wanted to bring a message of realism.  We don't preach about having a perfect diet, we enjoy a few drinks with our friends as much as anyone, or staying out dancing all night occasionally.  

Winning at everything all of the time is impossible, but having a strong support network of ladies behind you, however big or small that might be, is vital in getting you through... hopefully with a smile on your face. 

International Women’s Day dates back over 100 years and is dedicated to celebrating female success in all senses – from economic and social to cultural and political.  It’s a great day to take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back for everything you do and also celebrate the women in your life.  With this years theme being ‘Each for Equal’, we wanted to refocus our support for one another as true friendships and female relationships are so valuable to our lives. 

Make Time 

In today’s digital world, we are kept so up to date with what our friends and families are doing via social media or chatting on WhatsApp that it’s almost impossible to feel detached or disconnected from them. The danger with this is that we make less effort to spend actual physical time together, which can leave us feeling isolated and alone. Making time to see friends or family, and holding back on WhatsApp so you can properly catch up when you see each other (like the “good-old-times”), will ensure these relationships and unique bonds remain and even grow.  We as humans need to see each other to feel connected, to give each other a hug and see each other’s face when we speak. Whether it’s a mid-week lunch date or an after-work yoga class, try to make time for those important women in your life. 


Create A Support Network 

Trying to juggle a fulfilling career and hectic family life? You aren’t alone. With so many demands, a strong support network is more important than ever and strong, supportive friendships help us all get through it.  Particularly  in a time when our communities are weaker, we tend to live miles away from our family and probably know more about our favourite IG influencer than our direct neighbours!  Surrounding ourselves with positive and supportive friends, old and new, through the ups and the downs is one of the key pillars to a happy life. 


Equi founders Alice and Rosie have created an amazing support network in each other, not only having built a successful business together but a 15 year – and growing - friendship too. 

Alice: “There are so many things that I admire about Rosie. It’s so brilliant to work alongside someone whose skills are different to yours, especially as we complement each other so much. I admire her ability to deal with any situation. She is not only logical, but forward-thinking and can work out solutions quickly, taking every outcome into consideration to come to the right decision. This alongside empathy and great determination is a hugely important part of Equi.” 

Rosie: “Alice truly is the most amazing nutritional therapist, so well regarded in the industry and by her clients; she has a wait list of over a year which kind of says it all,” she explains. “The products she has created with Equi make such a positive difference to our customers that I’ve been brought to tears on many an occasion reading thankful testimonials.  She is meticulous in her formulations and I’m yet to see another product on the market that comes close to the quality and sophistication of our supplements which is all down to her. Beyond her nutritional expertise, Alice is driven, passionate and supportive…and what could be better than building an exciting brand with one of your closest friends?!”


Remain Well Balanced 

With a solid support network in place, you are more likely to succeed at your goals - both personally and professionally, but trying to do it all, all the time, can lead to burn out. Both Alice and Rosie have a few tips on trying to juggle the two:

  1. Prioritise effectively - ask yourself whether each task is really what you need to be doing. It’s very easy to forget the bigger picture.
  2. Learn to say no - we can’t do it all and we certainly can’t do it all well so you need to accept that some things need to be sacrificed. Just remember, nothing is forever. 
  3. Keep a list - jotting down anything and everything will help you to be more on top of things. We love Evernote and Minimal List. We share them so we are both on track.
  4. Stop working past 7pm - it’s so important to wind down before bed and spend some time relaxing in the evening if you’re going to get a good night’s sleep. Giving your sleep hygiene some attention, like low lighting after 8pm, no phones in the bedroom, reading easy fiction for 20 minutes in bed and taking some magnesium all helps.


Use Social Media Consciously 

While social media is often a great place of inspiration and means of staying connected with loved ones, it can also be a sometimes-toxic environment which causes us to constantly compare our lives to others. Use your social media voice to have a positive impact by praising and showing support – positivity breeds positivity after all. Follow accounts which make you feel good and ditch the ones that don’t. 


Whatever it is you get up to for this IWD, be sure to stand up tall, smile and be proud of all you’ve achieved and are continuing to do so.


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