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Equi has become Instagram's Fave Fitness Bloggers Morning Ritual

One of our favourite Fitness and Lifestyle Bloggers, Natalie @a.balanced.life has been taking Original Formula and is completely hooked!  Natalie knows everything there is to know about superfoods and her stunning smoothie bowls are up there with the best on Instagram!  With a killer body, this babe knows what she needs to keep herself looking and feeling great....and we're proud to say Equi is helping her stay on top!  Check out her review of the product here.  Thanks Natalie! x


When I started using Fundamental I was going through a fairly difficult time in my personal life, both with my long term relationship and at work, so needless to say my body was not in the best place, physically or mentally – I wasn’t eating as consistently as I wanted to, and I my hormones were all over the place.

After a few days of taking the Fundamental as part of my morning routine (I have it first thing, after my hot water and lemon, before eating breakfast) I noticed I was more alert and capable of focusing throughout the day. My energy levels were boosted too, avoiding the usual mid morning slump.

As I continued I noticed a significant improvement with my digestive system and my hormones felt much more balanced and in tune.  It helped my body feel more ‘together’, working in synergy rather than fighting against itself to deal with any niggles.


I mainly dissolve the powder in water and stir (it has a delicious coconut taste) but I found it is also a great addition to smoothies, porridge and overnight oats – the colour is quite amazing too!   Since taking the Fundamental I have noticed a huge improvement to my all round health and wellbeing, my body feels more supported and energised than ever – it has become a firm favourite in my morning routine, and what’s more it’s all packed into one convenient powder and takes 30 seconds maximum!






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