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Collagen Combining - Unlocking the Full Spectrum of Benefits

Today we will dive into the transformative power of collagen supplementation. As the scaffolding of our skin, bones, and connective tissues, collagen is pivotal in maintaining not just our external beauty but our internal strength and vitality. However, not all collagen is created equal, and the secret to maximising its incredible benefits lies in understanding the different types to cater to the body's diverse needs. Collagen, a protein comprising a third of the body's protein composition, is crucial for maintaining the elasticity of our skin, the durability of our bones, and the flexibility of our joints. As we age, our body's natural collagen production declines, leading to common signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pains. This inevitable reduction has propelled collagen supplements to the forefront of wellness and beauty regimes. We developed our Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition to address all your collagen needs. Whilst both offer a multitude of benefits on their own, we will explore the synergistic potential of combining marine and bovine collagen sources.

Marine collagen, derived from fish, is celebrated for its Type I collagen—the type most abundant in our skin. Its bioavailability and smaller peptide size make it a prime candidate for skin hydration, improved elasticity, and overall dermal rejuvenation. On the other hand, bovine collagen, sourced from cows, provides both Type I and III collagen, supporting not just the skin but also bone density, muscle mass, gut health, and the structure of organs and blood vessels. The innovative approach of collagen combining leverages the strengths of both marine and bovine sources, offering a comprehensive collagen regimen that addresses a wider array of health and beauty concerns. This strategy ensures that your body receives a full spectrum of amino acids and collagen types, maximising benefits across the board—from enhancing skin's radiance and youthfulness to bolstering joint health and bone strength. Our Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition epitomise the ethos of collagen combining. These products have been intricately formulated to provide a therapeutic dose of both marine and bovine collagen, alongside a blend of other star ingredients to not only support skin, hair, and nails, but hormonal balance, energy levels, and overall wellness too. This dual approach not only caters to the skin's needs but also supports the body's structural integrity, illustrating the holistic benefits of collagen supplementation.

In this blog, we'll explore the different types of collagens, their unique benefits, and the rationale behind combining marine and bovine sources. We'll delve into the science backing this strategy, highlight key nutrients that complement collagen absorption, and offer insights into how you can integrate these into your daily wellness routine. Join us as we unlock the full spectrum of benefits offered by collagen combining. Whether you're looking to revitalise your skin, nails and hair, support gut health, strengthen bones, or enhance your overall vitality, understanding the power of combined collagen sources will open doors to a new level of health and beauty. Welcome to the journey of collagen combining, where the path to a thriving, radiant you awaits.

Understanding Collagen Types and Functions

Collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, plays a foundational role in maintaining the integrity and function of skin, bones, connective tissues, and much more. This fibrous protein is not only a building block but also a key player in ensuring the body's resilience and regeneration. Understanding collagen's multifaceted roles and its various types is crucial for appreciating how it supports our overall health and well-being.

Type I Collagen - The Pillar of Skin and Bone Health

Type I collagen is the most prevalent type within the body, making up the lion's share of the collagen found in humans. It is densely packed into the skin, bones, tendons, and connective tissues, providing structural support and tensile strength. In the skin, Type I collagen is vital for maintaining elasticity, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting a youthful complexion. For the skeletal system, it is essential for bone density and strength, acting as a critical component in the bone matrix where it works in tandem with calcium and other minerals to ensure robustness and durability. Studies confirm that as we age, skin shows a marked decline in collagen production, particularly Type I, underscoring its significance in skin health (1). What’s more, studies confirm that supplementation of collagen supports skin elasticity after just 4 weeks (2). Type 1 collagen is present in both marine and bovine collagen.

Type II Collagen - The Joint Protector

Type II collagen is primarily found in cartilage, where it forms a network of fibres that provide cushioning and structural support for the joints. This type of collagen is crucial for joint health and flexibility, helping to absorb shock and prevent joint pain and degeneration. Type II collagen also plays a role in supporting the gut's protective lining, promoting a healthy gut microbiome. This is linked to reduced inflammation and potentially fewer skin issues like acne flare-ups and other inflammatory skin conditions, thanks to the connection between our gut health and skin - known as the gut-skin axis.

To read more about the gut-skin axis, head to our previous blog here.

Type III Collagen - Supporting Soft Tissue Integrity

Type III collagen, often found alongside Type I, is abundant in muscles, organs, and arteries. It plays a key role in the structure of soft tissues, contributing to their elasticity and firmness. In the skin, Type III collagen aids in the healing process, supporting tissue regeneration and repair. Its presence in blood vessels and organs including the gut, helps maintain their structural integrity and function, supporting their elasticity and strengthening of blood vessels (3). Type III collagen can also be found in bovine sources.

Collagen's diverse roles in the body underscore its importance in overall health, beauty, and wellness. From providing skin elasticity and bone strength with Type I, supporting joint and gut health with Type II, to maintaining the structure of muscles and organs with Type III, collagen is a critical component of the human body's framework.

Marine Collagen Peptides

Marine collagen, derived from the skin and scales of fish, has emerged as a highly sought-after source in the world of beauty and wellness, thanks to its Type I collagen composition—the same type that predominates in human skin. This form of collagen is celebrated not just for its structural similarities to our own but also for its superior bioavailability and digestibility, which make it an ideal choice for skin hydration, elasticity, and overall dermal health enhancement. The bioavailability of marine collagen is attributed to its smaller peptide size compared to other collagen sources, allowing for easy absorption and utilisation by the body. This enhanced absorption translates into more significant benefits for the skin. Marine collagen's amino acid composition, rich in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, supports the skin's structural integrity, encouraging the production of new collagen and promoting skin hydration and elasticity. Studies have shown that supplementation with marine collagen can lead to noticeable improvements in skin moisture levels, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and increased skin firmness (4). Marine collagen also stands out for its environmental sustainability. Sourced from by-products of the fishing industry, it represents a responsible use of resources, converting what would otherwise be waste into a valuable health and beauty product. This aspect, combined with its fish-based origin, makes marine collagen particularly appealing to pescatarians and those looking to avoid bovine or porcine products due to dietary preferences or restrictions.

At the heart of EQUI's Beauty Formula is the proprietary GlowCutis® blend, designed to synergistically enhance skin, hair, and nail health. This potent mix combines Type 1 Marine Collagen peptides with Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin C, Pine Bark Extract, Resveratrol, and Silica - each ingredient playing a crucial role in supporting the skin's health and vitality. Hyaluronic Acid is renowned for its moisture-retaining properties, essential for maintaining skin hydration and plumpness. Zinc and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that protect skin cells from oxidative stress and aid in collagen synthesis, while Pine Bark Extract and Resveratrol offer additional antioxidant protection and anti-aging benefits. Silica, a mineral critical for collagen formation, further supports skin structural integrity and elasticity. By harnessing the power of marine collagen and complementary nutrients, EQUI's Beauty Formula offers a holistic approach to beauty, nourishing the skin from within and promoting a youthful, radiant complexion. Shop Beauty Formula here.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen, sourced primarily from cowhide, is a powerhouse of Type I and III collagen, essential for maintaining the structure and health of skin, bones, and muscles. Recognised for its comprehensive benefits, bovine collagen's effectiveness and ethical sourcing are paramount. Understanding that not all collagen is created equal, meticulous attention is given to sourcing sustainably from the hides of pasture-fed cattle that are free from hormones and chemicals. Our Type I hydrolysed collagen peptides in Collagen Edition are 2000 Da's, ensuring the lowest molecular weight for maximum bioavailability.

Bovine collagen was chosen for Collagen Edition for several reasons. Firstly, it’s rich in Type I collagen, which is not only the strongest but also the most abundant type found in our skin, joints, and hair. This similarity to the collagen naturally produced throughout the human body underscores its significance. Research highlights its stability and high bioavailability, meaning that the hydrolysed collagen peptides are well absorbed into the body. Independent clinical trials have demonstrated that bovine collagen effectively stimulates our collagen-producing cells to increase their collagen production—a "double whammy" effect that enhances its appeal. Moreover, bovine collagen is free of allergens, making it an ideal choice for those with fish allergies for example. Its versatility in taste and ease of mixing with various drinks, from juices and smoothies to coffee and plain water, enhances its appeal. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that bovine collagen supports gut health too by addressing intestinal permeability, or "leaky gut," which can contribute to certain skin conditions.

Of course, the benefits of bovine collagen are supported by scientific research too. Studies have shown its positive impact on skin hydration, elasticity, and overall dermal health, as well as its support for bone density and muscle mass. One study highlighted that collagen peptides derived from bovine sources improved skin elasticity and hydration (5). Shop Collagen Edition here.

Synergistic Strength - The Power of Combining Marine and Bovine Collagen

We created Beauty Formula to nourish your complexion by supporting the whole body, as well as giving the skin the key nutrients it needs through its proprietary GlowCutis® blend, containing 1.8g of type 1 marine collagen peptides. Meanwhile, Collagen Edition doubles down on collagen and keratin specifically, providing an optimal dose of 4g bovine collagen, to give your skin and body a real boost. By combining Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition you can obtain the benefits of both marine and bovine sources to provide a comprehensive array of collagen types and amino acids.

Marine collagen, primarily consisting of Type I collagen, is renowned for its high bioavailability and affinity with skin health, promoting hydration and elasticity. Bovine collagen, on the other hand, offers both Type I and III collagen, essential for not only the skin but also for the structural integrity of bones, muscles, and connective tissues. By combining these sources, EQUI's formulations ensure a fuller spectrum of collagen types and amino acids, thereby maximising the potential health benefits. The inclusion of an optimal dosage of 4g of collagen in Collagen Edition ensures that you receive an effective amount to enhance your wellness goals.

This synergistic approach provides a holistic solution to the body’s collagen needs. For the skin, the combination of marine and bovine collagen peptides enhances its structure, reduces the appearance of ageing signs, and improves overall dermal health. For the skeletal system, it contributes to bone density and joint health, making it an invaluable support for maintaining flexibility and reducing discomfort associated with joint issues. The broad range of amino acids further supports muscle recovery and the overall vitality of the body’s tissues. What’s more, this combination supports gut integrity and overall health, which in turn can improve skin health via the gut-skin axis. Recent studies underline the efficacy of combined collagen sources, demonstrating that supplementation with various types of collagen peptides could lead to significant improvements in skin health and joint mobility (6).

EQUI's innovative approach to combining marine and bovine collagen in our Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition caters to a more extensive range of bodily needs, ensuring that you can achieve optimal health and beauty from within. This strategy not only maximises the benefits for skin, nail and hair health, gut health, and joint flexibility but also supports overall vitality and well-being, demonstrating the power of a holistic approach to collagen supplementation. Shop Beauty here.

How To Add Collagen into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating marine and bovine collagen into your diet is a strategic approach to enhance your wellness and beauty regimen from within. Collagen supplementation, alongside a balanced diet, can significantly improve skin integrity, hair and nail strength, gut health, and overall vitality. Here are practical tips on integrating EQUI's Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition into your daily routine, leveraging their benefits to the fullest.

Our Beauty Formula offers the convenience of both capsules and powder forms, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. The powder tastes great on its own in water, making it an easy addition to your daily routine. Alternatively, for those who prefer a quick and straightforward option, the capsules provide the same benefits without the need to mix or prepare. Beauty Formula is not only EQUI's best-selling product but also an excellent source of marine collagen peptides, known for their ability to support skin integrity and promote a radiant complexion. For a delicious addition to your morning ritual, Collagen Edition can be added to your coffee, matcha latté or even water. Its great taste and solubility make it a seamless addition to hot or cold beverages, providing a nourishing start to your day. Like Beauty Formula, Collagen Edition is rich in collagen peptides, containing 4g of hydrolysed bovine collagen offering complementary benefits that support skin health, hair glossiness, and nail strength. When combined, you will obtain a whopping 5.8g of collagen to meet all your hair, skin, and nail needs! 

To optimise collagen absorption and synthesis, incorporating vitamin C into your regimen is crucial and this is where many collagen supplements miss the mark. Both Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition include vitamin C, a vital nutrient that not only enhances collagen absorption but also supports overall immune health. Beauty Formula contains an optimal dose with 300mg vitamin C, Collagen Edition provides an additional 100mg, resulting in 400mg daily when combined! Zinc, another key ingredient in both formulations, contributes to collagen synthesis and renewal, fortifying the skin's structure while strengthening hair and nails. Whilst Beauty Formula contains a therapeutic dose of 15mg, Collagen Edition contributes a further 3mg, resulting in 18mg daily.

Going the extra mile, Collagen Edition also features Cynatine® HNS Keratin, a bio-available form of keratin that significantly enhances hair glossiness and reduces hair loss. Clinical trials have shown that Cynatine® HNS Keratin improves hair glossiness by 65% and reduces hair loss by 20% after just 30 days, while also boosting nail strength by 88% (7). This soluble keratin works synergistically with collagen to support skin and nail health, promoting a smoother complexion and robust hair. Furthermore, Collagen Edition includes Glutathione, the master antioxidant renowned for its regenerative effects on the complexion. It encourages a youthful glow, combats patchy or discoloured skin, and supports overall wellness, making it an invaluable addition to your beauty regimen.

Aside from supplementation, you can support your body's collagen production through diet. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens, alongside zinc-rich foods like nuts, seeds, and whole grains, can further enhance collagen synthesis. A balanced diet, combined with the targeted support from Beauty Formula and Collagen Edition, creates a comprehensive approach to maintaining beauty and wellness from within. By integrating these practical tips into your daily routine, you can fully harness the benefits of marine and bovine collagen, supported by the synergistic effects of vitamin C, zinc, Cynatine® HNS Keratin, and Glutathione, to promote optimal skin health, hair strength, and overall vitality.

Disclaimer: All of the information on this website is provided for general information only, it should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional providing personalised nutrition or lifestyle advice. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact your local health care provider. No one diet or supplement regime works for everyone and you should always seek help from a GP and registered health expert before making changes to your diet, or before introducing any supplements. This is especially important when pregnant.


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