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Why Beauty Oil Edition Is So Great For Skin - Your FAQs

All you need to know about our NEW Beauty Oil Edition - how it works, why is it so great, and how long until you can expect Ex-factor results..  

Can you explain what the Editions range is? 

Super-powerful and focused, each of our Editions have been carefully blended to target specific areas with a select few key ingredients (rather than the 50+ found in the Formulas).  
You can take our Editions standalone for a little boost, or for even better results, combine alongside our comprehensive Formula range for a little extra support in certain areas (The Editions will target everything from energy, sleep, mood and skin to PMS and menopause).
Priced slightly lower than our Formulas, the Editions come in capsule form and like the rest of our range, they will only contain the highest quality, chemical-free ingredients. Depending on the product, these ingredients include premium vitamins & minerals, herbs, botanicals and antioxidants, as well as medicinal mushrooms, and as always, we combine the best of science and nature.

What does Beauty Oil Edition do to skin? 

Beauty Oil is so great for your skin. The nutrients in this oil work to support skin from deep within, and they do this by:

  • Plumping with Omega 3 - supports cell membranes to make skin appear brighter, more dewy and glowing.
  • Anti-ageing with Astaxanthin - The deep red pigment found naturally in krill which has powerful anti-ageing anti-oxidant properties. Penetrates deep within the skins layers to help fight signs of ageing (1). 
  • Hydrating with Choline - Also found naturally in krill oil, choline is a vital component of all cell membranes where it helps to help cushion and hydrate skin cells.
  • Anti-Inflammatory with EPA & DHA - Known to help reduce dryness, redness or patchiness to help skin become more radiant. 

Why did you decide to use krill over regular fish oil?

Krill oil is really the ultimate superfood for skin, and it is naturally an ideal balance of omega 3, antioxidants and nutrients such as choline, all of which can benefit the skin’s integrity. Though omega 3 from fish oil is also brilliant for skin, it isn’t turbocharged with these incredible antioxidants. Krill also has superior absorbability, being in triglyceride form, alongside phospholipids, which help build skin cells and maintain our cell membranes.

It’s designed for skin, but are there other benefits?

There are scores of benefits to omega 3, and it is needed for everything from gut health, immunity, energy, metabolism, mood, concentration, cardiovascular health and hormone balance. Taking Beauty Oil Edition can, therefore, have many benefits in the body. 

Is Beauty Oil Edition meant for younger or older skin? 

It is suitable for either younger or older skin types. Beauty Oil Edition is a brilliant support to help keep skin looking young, supple, and radiant, but by maintaining essential skin structures it helps to hydrate, reducing redness (2) and it may even help to combat skin conditions.

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How does Beauty Oil Edition differ From Glow Edition?

Though they are both for skin, the two Editions work to support the complexion in different ways. Glow Edition is an antioxidant-rich blend that also combines Opti-MSM® and vitamin C to help encourage collagen production, fight against the signs of ageing whilst supporting immunity, which is essential for good skin.

Meanwhile Beauty Oil Edition is an omega 3 oil made from 100% krill oil. This also helps to fight signs of ageing by nourishing skin cells, but also improves hydration and reduces inflammation (2).

Can you take Glow Edition and Beauty Oil Edition together?

Yes absolutely, they work brilliantly together and really complement each other.


Beauty Oil is so great for your skin


What about taking Beauty Oil Edition alongside Beauty Formula?  

Our Beauty Formula is THE most comprehensive skin supplement available on the market (and has won two awards for the privilege… ahem!). This is because it has around 50 ingredients that work to nourish the skin by aiding hormone balance, immunity, gut health, liver function and many more important body systems. It also has collagen, silica, hyaluronic acid and some amazingly nourishing skin ingredients. We add algae’s such as chlorella and spirulina for omega 3, but because it is in powder form, it is hard to get more omega 3 from fish oil into the formula. This is why if you combine it with Beauty Oil Edition, you’ll give your skin ultimate nourishment from within to help it to be healthy, hydrated, bright and radiant.

Is it safe to combine all three Beauty products (Glow Edition, Beauty Oil Edition and Beauty Formula) together?

It is safe and you can if you wish, especially if preparing for an event such as your wedding. However, it is usually not necessary to take all three products. It's best to drop us a line so we can help you work out what combination will suit you best, but we generally recommend starting with Beauty Formula and Beauty Oil Edition if you wish to combine two, and doing this for 1 month. Glow Edition can be added in at this stage if you feel you need it. 

Can you take Beauty Oil Edition with other products in the Equi 'Formula' range, such as Original and Lean? 

Yes – it works well alongside all our Formula range. It can also be taken with Pregnancy Formula during pregnancy or breastfeeding, though we have specially formulated Pregnancy Oil Edition for this purpose.

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How quickly can I start seeing results? How often should I take them? 

A jar lasts for 30 days (2 caps per day) and though we would expect you to see results with skin in 2-3 weeks, for a transformation we suggest taking it for 2-3 months... it can take this long for new, healthy skin cells to reach the surface to outwardly show off your better skin.

How do you ensure the krill you source for our Beauty Oil Edition is sustainable?

At Equi, we care about supporting the planet as much as we care about supporting your body, and we take every step to make our brand as sustainable as we can.
There has been much confusion regarding the sustainability of krill in recent years, and much of this has led to misinformation. Whilst we know that red krill oil is incredibly nourishing for the body and for skin, harming the environment is unfathomable to us. Therefore before we set out to create Beauty Oil Edition, we wanted to be absolutely sure no damage to marine ecosystems occurs during harvesting of our krill.

We source our krill from the world’s most sustainable ‘A-Rated’ fishery (rated by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, who rate this higher than any other fishery, including those for regular fish oil supplements) which works under tight restrictions from the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. Conservation is at the heart of this governing bodies work, who ensure that no more than1% of this essential food source is fished from one small zone in the Antarctic, ensuring a vital balance remains for the entire ecosystem.
Given so little is allowed to be fished, Antarctic red krill is in short supply, but the Equi are happy to be able to bring it to you in a safe and sustainable way.

Is it vegan? 

No, because it contains krill, Beauty Oil Edition isn’t suitable for vegans. The rest of the Editions will be vegan where possible.
We are so sure you'll love taking Beauty Oil Edition, we'll give you your money back if you don't*. T&Cs apply


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Disclaimer: Certain supplements are used for different reasons and a one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be adopted. In addition, pregnant women and anyone on medication should always consult a doctor before embarking on a supplements programme. As with all articles on www.equilondon.com, this is no substitution for individual medical or nutritional advice.

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