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Fitness Guru Katie Gray's 10 Minute Workout


Confession - founders Rosie and Alice are fitness addicts! Even at university we were often in the gym, running or at a yoga class at least a couple of times a week. Now, we devote some of our spare time to working out and also make sure we fit the gym into our working week - often discussing Equi on the weights floor or treadmill! 
Katie Gray is one of London's finest PT's and we absolutely love her approach to fitness and wellbeing. So when she offered to tell us how she gets her super busy clients into shape, we jumped at the chance! As it can sometimes be tricky to get to the gym and quite often we only have 10-20 minutes spare to bash out a workout, we asked her what her top tips are for those who want to squeeze in a quick blast.  What she's suggested can be done at home or quickly in the gym on your lunch break.  Enjoy! 
Here was her solution!  
You had every intention to workout today, but now the diary is chocker with only those annoying teenie tiny windows? Well here's a workout that can fit in those gaps - just 10 minutes long so you can easily squeeze it into any busy day and we can keep up with those new years resolutions of being fabulously fit and healthy! 
Though it might not seem like 10 minutes will make much of a difference, actually HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) like this can boost metabolism and fat burning, whilst helping to clear your head before you get back to work/kids/jobs and so on. 
I love doing it outside, to help blowout the cobwebs and get some fresh air and luckily this routine requires no equipment, so can be done anywhere that you have a small space to move - kitchen, meeting room, the park and gym.

Let's do this!   

Warm-up (2 mins)

30s high knees 

30s reverse lunges

30s high knees 

30s squats  

Main Exercises - set your timer for 8 mins and repeat as many rounds of the below as you can in that time.   

12 x squat to forward kick 

12 x chest to floor burpees

12 x commando planks (high plank to elbows to high plank)

12 x reverse crunches

12 x push-ups (on knees or toes)

12 x squat jumps  

10 minutes done and dusted! Switch clothes and on to the next meeting or errand. 

Katie, founder of The Body Tonic, is a fun-loving personal trainer and class instructor based in South West London.

Her focus is on making health and fitness enjoyable, a daily habit and ultimately help you create the healthiest and most confident version of yourself. 

Having come from a corporate background, Katie fully understands the demands of a busy working week and juggling meetings, socialising, family, friends, late nights and early mornings - all whilst trying to remain on the health and fitness wagon. But she believes it's possible to find that balance with the right tools and support - and that's where she can help!

Check out her Instagram @katiegrayfit




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