Daily nutrition for healthy weight management.

Introducing a new, forward-thinking and healthy approach to weight management. Our Lean Formula blends premium grade Siberian ginseng as well as B6 to help aid hormone balance*, whilst chromium helps to curbs sugar cravings*. Green coffee, raspberry extract and white tea extract work with iodine and to help to support your thyroid* whilst B12, folate, iron and magnesium naturally energise*. We include vegan protein to keep you fuller for longer, without harmful chemicals or stimulants. A truly safe way to supplement a healthy diet and active lifestyle and assist you in reaching your healthy weight.

Works best in conjunction with a nutritious healthy eating plan. A link to our 14-day programme to complement Lean will be emailed to you upon completion of your order.


Apple Flavour

Supplement Facts

 Amount Per Serving % Nutrient Reference Value*

Calories from Fat

23.1 cals
1.3 cals

Total Carbohydrate






Vitamin A (d. salina)



Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)



Calcium (calcium citrate & ascorbate)



 Iron (ferrous gluconate)



Ingredients Per 7g (*Nutrient Reference Value): Glucomannan, organic brown rice protein powder, natural flavour (with stevia), bilberry, siberian ginseng, flaxseed, organic spirulina , organic gluten free barley grass, prune fibre, vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 150mg (187%*), schisandra, calcium (calcium citrate & ascorbate) 50mg (5%*), choline, green coffee extract, probiotics 2.5 billion (Lactospore®, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum), magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate) 100mg (26%*), maitake extract, N-acetyl L-carnitine, goji berry extract, raspberry extract, white tea extract (40% polyphenols), L-tyrosine, alpha-lipoic-acid, milk thistle (80% silymarin), citric acid, dandelion extract (3% detexin), capsicum extract, cinnamon extract, bromelain, co-q-10, papain,  organic cracked cell wall chlorella, vitamin B5 (calcium d-pantothenate) 12mg (200%*), zinc (zinc picolinate) 10mg (100%*), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) 10mg (62%*), vitamin B1 (thiamine HCL) 5mg (454%*), vitamin B2 (riboflavin 5–phosphate) 5mg (357%*), vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5'-Phosphate) 5mg (357%*), iron (ferrous gluconate) 7mg (50%*), manganese (manganese gluconate) 2mg (100%*), vitamin A (d. salina) 400mcg (50%*), chromium (chromium picolinate) 150mcg (375%*), iodine (kelp) 150mcg (100%*), boron (sodium borate), biotin 50mcg (100%*), selenium (selenomethionine) 100mcg (181%*), folate (5-methyltetrahydrofolate) 80mcg (40%*), vitamin K2 75mcg (100%*), molybdenum (sodium molybdate) 30mcg (60%*), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 10mcg (200%*), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 5mcg (200%*).


Equi’s Lean Formula gives a 360 approach to weight managment with a range of carefully curated, premium ingredients that help bring about lasting changes to your body. Weight loss can sometimes be hindered by poor metabolic function, imbalanced hormones, 'burn-out', reduced absorption of nutrients and poor glycaemic balance, all of which we target with safe and natural approach that works with your body, not against it.

Iodine from kelp – Shown to support thyroid function and metabolism*.
Siberian ginseng – Used traditionally as a tonic to help build resilience during hectic times. Suitable for those feeling the effects of 'burnout', leading them to frequent the vending machine too often!
Glucomannan – Found in research to help reduce hunger and total calorie intake by keeping you full until your next meal.
Lactospore® - Works to support healthy digestive function and reduce water retention.
Vitamin B12, folate, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, B6, magnesium and iron Contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue*
Chromium - contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels to help discourage sugar cravings*.


Mix 2 flat teaspoons (7g approx) in at least 250ml cold water and consume immediately alongside a portion controlled breakfast. Best mixed in a shaker, or if in a glass, pour liquid onto powder whilst stirring well. Works best in conjunction with a nutritious healthy eating plan. Once opened seal and refrigerate and consume within 3 months. We recommend avoiding hot drinks for 10 minutes before and after taking, to preserve all the natural goodness, active enzymes and probiotics. 


Do not exceed recommended intake. This product is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate exercise program. This product is not suitable for those with known digestive issues such as severe bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS or any other chronic digestive conditions. If under medical supervision or taking medication please consult a doctor before use. Not suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Consume glucomannan with adequate water to reduce choking risk. 

Key Ingredients

Advanced Multivitamins
For more information about how to get the most from Equi’s Lean Formula click here

Good For Those Who..

  • Want a safe, natural weight loss solution
  • Struggle with stubborn weight gain
  • Want help losing excess fat ahead of an event, or a holiday
  • Struggle with sugar cravings*
  • Could benefit from vitamin B6* to help with hormone regulation
  • Have low energy
  • Want to prevent sugar cravings following stopping smoking
  • Struggle to find time to exercise regularly
  • Want to ensure their body is getting an array of important nutrients
  • Prefer not to overdo caffeine intake (we don't add caffeine, only using gentle forms found naturally in green coffee bean extract and white tea - no guarana!)

*Chromium contributes towards normal blood sugar regulation. 

*Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function

*Iodine contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and cognitive function, improved energy and thyroid function

*Vitamin B12, folate, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, B6, magnesium and iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

*Zinc, magnesium, pantothenic acid, iron contribute to normal cognitive function



  • "I’ve tried loads of diet supplements over the years, but wanted a healthy alternative that didn’t make me feel shaky and wired.  I also wanted to avoid unnatural appetite suppressants which were unsustainable and left me feeling depleted.  Equi Lean is a life saver, it helped me drop some pounds and feel energised whilst ensuring I don’t miss out on any nutrients….and I look and feel the best I have in years!  Thank you Equi!"


  • "I’ve got a girls holiday coming up and wanted to slim down for my beach.  Lean Formula made me feel full for most of the day, kept me energised and even improved my skin. I got down to the weight I wanted to be by week 3!  The healthy eating book that it comes with is fantastic and has really taught me how I should be eating - that alone is worth the money!"


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